so..long story. my (13 yr old) daughter will be needing surgery at some point. its for scoliosis so it is not an emergency. we have Medicaid. at the moment looks like it will be Galveston. we're in Beaumont. transportation will be covered as part of the services she receives from Spindletop MHMR. she's a client there due to her diagnosis of PDD-NOS (its a kind of autism - very high functioning). anyway...the major stuff is dealt with...medical services, transportation. but... i have no idea about what if any support services there are for parents. i am a single parent. one reason i'm an atheist is due to early experiences w/ local churches/charities while i was pregnant. i have since relied on government support but have also home schooled her for the last few years given the experience of her being bullied in public school with no recourse provided by the school. i had to take her out of that situation. so its left us w/ no real social support network or system. no family/friends (either deceased or lost contact). basically i'm wondering what if any support there is or might be in the atheist communities here in Beaumont or SETX or Galveston. i know churches have set up support services or groups for hospital patients & have the atheist communities done anything similar?

i'm concerned about what i'll do while she's recovering. will the hospital let me stay in her room & for how long...if i need to leave will they let me leave her alone or will they provide supervision..that kinda thing. i've no idea how any of that works. she's never been hospitalized but for one over night observation when she was an toddler so beyond my own medical experiences i don't know how things work for kids..especially for kids with only one parent. 

i'm still researching local scoliosis treatment options that accept Medicaid so if you know of any other hospitals that treat it & accept Medicaid please let me know. especially something closer than Galveston.

i would appreciate the suggestions & the help.

as for getting into more details i'd prefer to do that via email so please email me at


thanx :)


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Comment by Cyn X on September 18, 2011 at 7:46pm
thxs Steph :)
Comment by Steph S. on September 18, 2011 at 7:18pm

A member on this site works for DC Medicaid and may be able to help you.  You can tell her that I referred you to her. Her handle is Sunshine and you can send her a message -- here is a link to her webpage on the Nexus.




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