What is God if no more than early mans way of describing things in nature that he could not understand or explained any other way? I am sure that when our primitive ancestors looked at the perfect balance of nature and all of the stars in the heavens, he would have assumed that there had to be a creator. Even our early human ancestors had the ability to create things, so it is easy to believe that they would assume everything must be created by something.

Mankind has just recently, in the last few hundred years or so, accepted the fact that we might not ever know everything. We could, and did answer most of the questions that we had about nature. Just because we have not asked the questions, does not mean that there is so much more to know. In fact, our brains may never gain the capacity to even ponder the most enlightening questions.

Early man and the generations of people after answered questions about nature the best way they could. The fact is, no one likes to admit that they were wrong, so they will hang on to any chance of being right until it is absurd to continue. Some people hang on much longer than that. What will god become after we make new discoveries? What is the definite answer that proves the existence or lack of a God?  Religion is evolving as we speak to keep up its exsistance.  It has to exclude more and more things every day to even make sense.  It only exsist in the gaps of understanding to plug holes in the unkown.

My question: What will it take to put religion to bed forever?  What is the final discovery that kills God?

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Comment by Matthew Land on September 21, 2011 at 1:37am

Hell yeah, a missle full of facts!

Comment by Matthew Land on September 16, 2011 at 2:24am
Exactly!  I love Dawkins take on it.
Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on September 16, 2011 at 12:08am
Comment by Matthew Land on September 15, 2011 at 8:40pm

I think you are exactly right. Completely exposing religion for what it is and making it seem silly is the only cure.  Kinda like standing up to the schoolyard bully.  After he gets punked enough, he just dissapears on his own.  


That being said, I guess its time to quit playing nice with the schoolyard bully! 

Comment by Dan Hicks on September 15, 2011 at 6:32am

The first step is showing that the non-theist community can focus their energies on community centers, and philanthropic endeavors, showing others that one can be good without god.

Getting more lobbyist in the government to fight for the rights of the non-theist community so that folks don't have to be afraid of their job letting them go if they discover they are a non-theist.

Encouraging others, who are still in the closet to step out into the light, letting the world know that there is a strong voice for those whom take reason over faith. 

Using the lobbyist we have to get certain laws removed from the books that encourage religion as a business model, namely with the repeal of any religious organization's "except" status, when they have sermons that have anything to do with politics, converting them to a commercial property, and taxing them according to commercially zoned land.

Also, getting amendments in place that explicitly separate religion from public office, making it impossible for a candidate to enact a "day of prayer", state their religious affiliation, etc.

Keep moving to remove all of the things that are currently in place to enable the creation of fundamentalist sects of any faith, as well as properly branding those who would cause harm to others in the name of ANY faith a "terrorist", even if it happens to be a Christian. 


Folks were sympathetic to various groups in parts of the world, when they were considered "freedom fighters", moving for a faith or a cause, but when it started to create high number of casualties in their own neighborhoods, those groups lost their appeal. Example: IRA, KKK, Taliban, etc... Whom all have been branded "terrorists", even by their own people, who used to be sympathetic. 


Unfortunately, fighting faith with science is always going to be a losing battle, if that is your only ammo, but removing the ability of fanatical zealots, and making the groups seem odd, and out of place, as well as making an environment where creating a mega church is impossible, choking out those whom preach politics to gain favor and donations will eventually remove their foundation.

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