Bill Clinton had an affair, John Kennedy had an affair, Roosevelt had an affair, and Mr. Cain had a 13-year friendship.  I wonder if those words are synonymous.  J Edgar Hoover had an affair in taking away our freedoms strongly against homosexuality and we know what his life was all about don’t we.  Hypocrisy is put behind and covered by the morality and religious thoughts.  We believe at UUO that all humans have misgivings and frailties, and have made mistakes, but maybe we should applaud our failed leadership, as knowledge of their infidelities shows a practice against their religious beliefs..... but, they’ll be forgiven.  The other side of the coin is, when do we decide a human being value is based on intellect, rather than just their actions?  Women despise prostitutes but love Charlie Sheen.  What would you label Charlie Sheen As?  Your thoughts.

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Comment by Earther on December 5, 2011 at 8:28pm

Instead of labeling a person lets talk about what some of the problems are that relate to who you are speaking of.  American ideal is often what is fashionable and socially acceptable or game.  Hollywood like banks is a business to create revenue for themselves.  The service they provide continually gets less while the advertisement continually gets rosey.  There are some people who continually get rewarded with cash and celebrity status as long as they submit to what peers expect of them.  Even when a person is destroying their own well being peers will exploit that because it provides an entertaining value.  This is not one person or group, this is us.  Hopefully people will not continue to disrespect themselves to death.  As for sexual relationships, well there is so many different attitudes of what is acceptable and not acceptable.  We have the old fashioned churchy suppressors and we have prostitution with a little bit of everything inbetween.  The norm seems to be nowhere, so who is to judge?  You have only you to respect and be respectful to all who are deserving. 

People can have relationships by business, friend or lover. All who strive to have or create a relationship are continually challenged to provide themselves and resources to sustain that relationship.  If that relationship held by individuals cannot create fulfillment then you may find a deterioration of the relationship.   Once that happens people will sometimes recognize a change is needed.

Comment by annet on December 5, 2011 at 6:55pm

I don't know any women that love Charlie Sheen but there must be some out there. The media always makes it seem like things are more important than they are. Women don't despise prostitutes we pity them and fear life getting so bad we'd have to be one. (some are happy in the sex trade so okay for them, no pity)  I didn't pay too much attention so I'm a bad one to judge but I'd label Charlie Sheen as a slut, an attention whore and a c-grade actor.  Bill Clinton was a slut and megalomaniac but also a pretty good president. 

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