What's a Bit of Atheism Among Friends?

As of late, I've became slightly more vocal about my atheism. This revelation apparently surprised none of my friends or coworkers. I've always been a bit critical of religions in general and, I guess it was expected of me. What surprises me, is not their reaction to my atheism, but how much we agree. Having a conversation with them you wouldn't expect alot of them of being faithful. We share many of the same views on the origins of life, evolution, and our skepticism of the Bible. They are, pretty much, scientifically minded in eveything. You and I would have a conversation with them and come away thinking, "wow they are very rational and likely atheist aswell." That is, until the subject of God arises. A few may go the agnostic "I'm not sure" route, but overwhelmingly they cannot let go of the idea of a God. God created the universe through the natural processes... God advanced life through evolution... God intended the Biblical inconsistancies to test our faith, and allow for interpritation... God... God... God!!! It is perplexing why they feel this need to hold so strongly to a god-figure when, in all other aspects, we agree so much.

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Comment by Angie Jackson on May 17, 2009 at 7:00pm
I tend to tell such friends, "Jump on in - the water's fine!" I have a friend who is damn near atheist, although he can't admit it to himself, because he loves the sense of community at church, his wife is a believer, and he plays in the church band. But in a way I'm glad he's still there, because he raises all kinds of atheist points within his church (often straight from me)



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