It seems inevitable. Discussion in a large group about the obvious falsity of certain beliefs brings forth someone to say “I'm not one of the people who believes that.”

Aside from my gut reaction (“then what the hell are you doing interrupting our fight against those people listening that DO have this delusion?”) I think I'd like to know all the groups, categories, and populations of beliefs. Actually I'd like to have these categories and my gut reaction.

If some people think that “faith is actually not the leap across the gap of what is probable” then I want to know how widespread that sentiment is. And combining my gut reaction, can you and your people of obvious superiority do something to weed out the falsehood from the other populations?

We would do well to see what kinds of beliefs are very widespread, just in case we want to address more people at once.

We could sort large populations of believers into categories of what they can be used for in the mean time while they cling to their belief. Can they be encouraged to fight homophobia? Can they possibly fight indoctrination?

“most christians I know arrived there only after study of history”(I was actually emailed that) wow, cool . Now go and fight the injustice of indoctrination, because the populations that don't share your views can vote too, you know. And they can raise children. It's not atheist vs theist, it's every reasonable person against the onslaught of every kind of delusion. In my opinion anyone who considers themselves to be a responsible leader must do so.

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