So, you find yourself questioning the existence of your god. No matter your religion, that’s pretty frightening. All these years, raised to believe that an all-knowing, all-loving being was out there, somewhere, and that he had a plan for you. That your parents and community knew the ‘Truth.’ Most importantly, you’ve been instructed that when you die -if you followed all the rules, or asked for forgiveness- you’d join your loved ones for eternity in a paradise of sorts.

Maybe this started out with some unanswered questions, or some deep seated concerns; now you’ve read ‘too much,’ talked to too many people, and are finding yourself spinning in doubt. Nothing matches up. The once holy texts are holding less sway over you, prayer appears pointless, and worship is an empty act. There are still some things that stick. Perhaps seeing ‘god’ written in lower case feels wrong, and singing hymns still gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. It’s likely that the fear of eternal damnation, and the idea that you really want to see your deceased loved ones lingers, but the bulk of your belief doesn’t feel real now.


Let me tell you, this is all normal. It’s a transition, and one well-worth experiencing. Shedding god-belief and superstition isn’t easy, and your individual struggle will be both unique and universal in many ways. It’s important to know that there are millions out there that have either already left their religion, or are currently on the journey out, like yourself.

Keep asking questions. Keep reading, exploring, and digging into the root of your concerns. This isn’t easy, but when you’re coming through towards the end of your transition, and you’re able to see the world without the lens of religion, you’ll be in awe of the majesty that is our existence.

Outside of books and forums, the main resource you’re going to need is people; compassionate, understanding people that are or have gone through the same thing that you are. Recovering From Religion can guide you to a local group for support, and if you are a member of clergy, checkout The Clergy Project.

What resources did you find invaluable during your journey out of belief? I welcome you to share them in the comments section for others. Checkout the original post, here:

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Comment by Karl Ford on November 9, 2012 at 10:43am

Anyone who is indoctrinated into religious beliefs at an early age will always struggle with it.  I was, and although my "spiritual" journey let to disbelief, I still find myself regressing at times.  Religion infantilizes a person.  The child in us will always want the protecting and loving parent, even though our real parents may be gone.  By substituting an imaginary one, we never fully grow up.  The only thing I might add to your article is for one to be aware of this.  If one finds themselves reverting to their early conditioning, try to remember that it was imprinted on your subconscious without your consent, and that you really do have the choice not to accept it. 



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