To ease people out of fantasies that is fused with the real love of parents

etc could be a important thing and i start to belive it goes for the one

among us too who have revolted out of faith/thought crime hell. Its

tempting to fight when you know you are right, but many fights leaves no


victory. To solve a problem dont always contain the idea of 'winning and

losing', but to say this is to to be rude in another faith-system. 'the

winning and the losing'. To win and lose are an evolutonary rest not really

needed but kids are full of it, 'mummy mummy lok at mee..mee..' cause as

kids we are TOTALY depentent of the grown ups, one can compare to

another 'built in' thing, the stonehard will to share all VERY alike, you

know, a bag of candy, two kids. 'One for you one for me' etc This stuff

some scholars say may have come in the 45 000 years or so when we

walked with the animals after season.(BC by hart arent very acurat:)It was

like a walking village and the kids ran in a big bunch. To survive this

become important. Its even in the bible but the scholars isnt to be trusted

by the faith over facts ppl. You know the herds men (the old way) was

killed by Cain (the new way-to grow stuff but chained to the ground) This

the religious take as a historical record when its probably is a passage

about our earliest time. There are still nomadic people in the world so this

change arent over yet. Those texts had probably a now long gone

substance but generations of not very cleaver ppl have destroyd it. When

these bronz age tribes was forced to settle and start their time as farmers

they put it in their book and it backfired as i see it... I mean the kids of

Adam and Eve is said to created familys but faith ppl dont want to talk

about WITH WHO!? Its a laugh really, if it wasnt so serious...




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