when relatives push their religion on you or your kids

Some of us inform them that we will gladly supply them with freethought materials  to help them better understand reality, free of charge. For example you can give them a gift subscription to FFRF's  newsletter, Freethough Today.  Or make a donation to American Atheists, FFRF or some other atheist org in their names.  In other word you can use your secular freedoms to push democracy and free speech. If you hadn't already noticed, we are at war here in the USA for the survival of the Enlightenment.

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Comment by Michael Penn on April 7, 2016 at 6:50am

Relatives do push their religion on you and your kids. That's why we still have religion. If you were born in other parts of the world you would not have the same religion. I find the statement true and damning of all religions but believers just do not get it. They don't see the point.



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