When anything ails you, go visit either the democratic or republican spin-doctors.  The news this morning on all channels are continuously optimistic about our economy turning around magically.  Greece has its debt issues handled where one of the few things not affected by this glorious turnaround is our employment rate.  This hovers just under 10%, yet all the majority networks are talking about the recovery that’s just around the corner.  Isn’t it amazing that the recovery around the corner is taking place during an election year?  Isn’t it amazing that the Christian leadership infighting is getting even worse?  Isn’t it amazing that the republicans are talking about memberships that are far to their right of the tea party?  I wonder if that means they fell off the planet.  They’re using Christian America as their background and have just begun demonizing each other. One of the big questions being asked is why Mitt Romney only has one wife.  Is he truly a Mormon or is he just saying that to get their votes?  While Cain moves forward, stagnantly talking about a flat tax, but has flatly not defined how its going to work well for the middle and lower income Americans.  Is he an elitist just like the rest of them?  Newt Gingrich of all people is attempting to convince American voters that our economy is causing a rise in anti-semitism.  I personally wasn’t sure he knew how to spell that word, then again he really didn’t, it was the news reporters that did.  All of these leaders are defining themselves by what they believe in and not who they are.  I’d love your thoughts on whether or not any of these candidates propose a true choice, especially for free thinkers, and those who are not aligned with a superior being.

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