When you have to pick at minutae.. pretty weak.

I really don't get the # of people that have the "OMG You're an atheist and you just said God damn it!" or bless you, or etc... I mean are these people so amazingly literal minded themselves? Do THEY really mean "God, please send this tire to your imaginary room of fire and torture because it went flat and that deserves divine intervention for punishment of it's transgression!" when they get a flat and say "God damn tire!"??

Is it that they simply think that to not believe in god you have to follow some legalistic word selection formula or the atheists blackball you? lol.

Here's a funny as hell email (Excerpted) from a girl on that SD site. She had a picture I found amusing because she labeled it "Me growing my Bags out". I emailed her suggesting she probably meant "Bangs" figuring hey, if you're trying to attract some rich guy, sure, many won't care because they just want you in bed, but some might actually, as I do, see that as just plain laziness and sloppiness. My reply to her response ended in "Adios". This was an excerpt of her cleverly catching me breaking my non-faith:

"And what's that "Adios" for that you included in your last message? I did read your profile thoroughly, and concluded that you are indeed an Atheist. Are you aware what "adios" means? Let's break it down. "A" means "to" and "Dios" means God. So....Spanish farewell = To God. Regardless of whether or not "adios" is the commonly accepted manner of parting ways with another in Spanish, I assume that if there was such a saying in English, you wouldn't ever use it because of it's religious affiliation. So why would you use it in Spanish?

But there I go making assumptions.

And if I'm wrong, and you are indeed atheist and just don't give a crap about the degree of hypocrisy included in your messages (although it is about as minuscule as my typo), and you wrote "adios" because I'm Hispanic, well, I'm well aware I'm Hispanic, thank you, but I usually just stick with "Good bye" or "Have a nice day.""

Like I told her, either you're REALLY dumb and have no conception of non-literal language like expressions and phrasing or that's just being incredibly dense intentionally and when you have to get down to that ridiculous of a "flaw" to find fault, well, that's pretty much a compliment if that was the best you can do, lol.

Anyone else ever have people think you're "beliefs" don't allow you (allow? don't get me started, lol), to use any of the God words?

My personal favorite was a co-worker that REALLY thought that "Atheists don't believe in money, right? You know because it says "In god we trust" on it?"

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Comment by Caine on October 21, 2009 at 8:47pm
Is that a direct decree from the Atheism Grand High Council of Elders Nerd? Shit, I need to do some fast editing before I get exnoncommunicated

As for the "I don't use god" comments, honestly, fuck that. It's idiom to me. I'm no more going to kowtow to the theists by being encouraged to censor it out of my language, as if it has some magical meaning I've lost the right to, then I'd be to ADD something in they felt was necessary.

It's idiom, that's language, it evolves, the origin of the phrase doesn't mean shit, the current usage does. I mean should I not ever use my roommates name, matthew, because it comes from Hebrew meaning "Gift of the Lord"? Who the @#$%#@ cares? It's a name, it means "That guy". God damn it means Oh fuck, bless you means "I'm being societally polite" and Oh God, Oh God, OH GODDDDDD! Means "You're working that penis very well sir and I appreciate it!" Screw origin.
Comment by Little Name Atheist on October 21, 2009 at 9:49am
So... did she mean bangs, or bags?

I blaspheme/use "foul" language on a regular basis. At an early age, it got wired into my brain that this particular form of colourful langauge was used in certain instances... my devout Catholic grandfather and tried-but-failed-to-teach-me-to-be-a-lady mother saw to that, although I'm sure it wasn't conscious on their parts.

People who feel a need to correct your language often have... shall we say, other issues. If it were a matter of clarity, I could see someone asking for clarification, but lecturing you on "adios"?

I don't think she was really "dumb", I think she was pissed-off that you attempted to correct her spelling. Pedants can be annoying, but I also see there's a big difference between "bags" and "bangs".
Comment by happyembolism on October 21, 2009 at 12:56am
I see your point completely and have experienced this myself as well. For a long time post-theism, I still said "god bless you" when co-workers sneezed, until I was called out on it. After some debate, I decided on a new approach...now when they sneeze, I say "Go fuck yourself!"...they should've left well enough alone...



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