Today's Saturday, and I'm wondering, at random...whatever happened to Mr. Saturn? Nobody loves him, anymore. For centuries, millions of men, women and children prayed fervently to him, staked their hopes and dreams on him, and now- he's reduced to a gas giant planet and a gas giant car and a special day every week, a day without presents. No sacrifices, no blood, no nada.

Same goes for the rest of the week- 8 days a week, we got a god, but ain't nobody praying to any of 'em. Freia gets no prayers on Fridays- people just party. On Sundays, folks stay out of the Sun, cowering before crosses like vampires in the dark, sitting on hard pews, sweating, bored out of their skulls listening to priests and preachers telling them they're gonna be sorry they didn't vote for McCain/Palin. And who on Tuesdays remembers to thank Tiuws, the god of doors, for his blessings, that they got safely past them wicked demons into the house? And the rest: the Moon, Wotan, Thor...neglected. Where's the blood? Wotan, the most spectacular god, with the cool eye-patch- all he gets is "hump-day," now. Oh, the humiliation! The poor Parsis- Mazda isn't as lucky as Saturn; he's just a car without a day or a planet.

I guess it's just that same old shell game to play, since the formation of the early Christian church; to assimilate the old gods, to say that if you pray to Thor, Jesus gets the message, or that Athena is actually Astarte is actually Minerva is actually Mary. Even though, really, they can't be, can they? But then...what happened to the other gods, if they're not the same? Where do gods go when they die?

In our time, the New Age people have made this amalgamation the dominant force in pop culture: I keep hearing people say they "don't like organized religion," but that they're "spiritual." I guess they like their religion DIS-organized? They wouldn't say flat out that they believe in ghosts, and yet, they're "spiritual." WTF? The Hindu doctrine of "karma" is ubiquitous, but none of the college hipsters dropping this word in the coffeehouse would take seriously for a moment (one would hope) the monkey gods and elephant gods and other wacky, impossible, obviously INVENTED, technicolor cartoon gods that MUST go along with it.

So it's pick and choose, these days, because we're bombarded with so many religions and they obviously conflict with each other. Rather than listen to Mr. Aristotle and realize that only one (IF ANY) religion/family of religions can possibly be true (because truth is exclusive, A=A)...people just mix and match, stripes and plaids and crosses and crescents and kabbalah- and it's all crap. Ah, but Aristotle isn't allowed in the schools, that's right. Them kids don't know nothin' 'bout no logic. I keep hearing that "religion isn't about logic, it's about your heart and what you believe," which is infuriating to hear and so incredibly freakin' obtuse. It's perfectly legit, supposedly, to keep on tolerating idiocy, out of "respect" for beliefs- meaning, you have to walk on eggshells around the religious, or they flip out and whale on you.

Well, I guess that's just the way it is. I wish, though, that Jesus would finally give it a rest and find a day on which to be forgotten, too. Oh...right. Christmas.

Which reminds me- gotta finish putting up my tree.

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Comment by Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM on January 10, 2009 at 12:41pm
Nice post.
Comment by Rikka on December 13, 2008 at 8:54pm
ever read American Gods by Neil Gaimain?



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