In my last blog post, I mentioned the reaction from my Christian friend to the atheist quotes I posted. There was quite a bit of back and forth on Facebook with basically ended with her saying, rather smugly, that I certainly don't seem very happy now that I've abandoned religion.

Of course, her point was that since I've given up religion, that's why I'm not currently happy. I replied that I'm no more unhappy than I was with I was a theist and that since life isn't perfect, we can't expect to be happy all the time.

If fact, I can make my point by saying that when my first marriage ended, I was a practicing theist and I was terribly unhappy, despondent and in heart wrenching pain. Well, my second wife left me two days ago and, once again, I was terribly unhappy, despondent and in heart wrenching pain. But with or without a belief in a god, the emotions and pain were the same. With or without a belief in a god, I am starting to feel better and get a handle on things. Its anecdotal, I know, but it serves to illustrate what I've noticed again and again in my life: believing in a god makes no difference one way or another, so that belief is obviously unnecessary and so I reject it.

To get to the point in the title of this blog, my Christin friend has yet to contact me to at all, even though I went through my health scare and now this separation from my wife. Where is the Christian compassion and forgiveness? Once again, its anecdotal, but in this case, being a Christian doesn't seem to create more empathy or attempts to ease pain and suffering. I suppose I should give her the benefit of the doubt, but I know she's been on Facebook every day since our little discussion. I would have expected at least a "hope things work out" or "thinking of you". That's the decent humane thing to do. Funny how it was my non-theists friends who sent the well wishes and expressed their concern. Not that I'm surprised. Just very saddened that religious belief has probably ruined a great friendship.

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Comment by Luke Hanna on September 22, 2010 at 4:33pm
"ended with her saying, rather smugly, that I certainly don't seem very happy now that I've abandoned religion."

To be honest I would be super happy knowing that I get to live in eternal happiness after I die and that every complicated question can be answered with, because god said so.
But that's not how it so f**k that.

And sorry about the problems with your friend. It's too bad what religion can do to two people that would otherwise not have any problems.
Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on September 22, 2010 at 11:41am
I'm so sorry your wife left you and your friend is being a witch. Unless a relationship is totally miserable, I can't imagine anyone being happy in your shoes. Your friend sounds very insensitive. I have known a lot of christains who would have been a lot kinder. Obviously, you hit a nerve somewhere. I hope things improve for you and your friend apologizes. When someone is hurting, it is certainly not the time to get pushy on religious issues. On her part, I mean. Big hugs.



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