In recent discussions with people, I've come to the reinforced decision that moving is a must. I currently live in Huntsville, Alabama, roughly the center of the state only a few miles south of Tennessee. I hate the cold. I like to be involved with my fellow Atheists, but I'm not afraid of starting my own groups- should the need arise. I REALLY hate the cold. And though California seems a logical choice, I know next to nothing about how to live inside of it. Plus, it's all the way across the country.

The deal is, I'm trying to become a writer, an entertainer, and an all around Atheist Activist- like so many others. Except, the writing thing is big for me. I will do it. I must do it. Nothing will stop me from putting my words inside your twisted heads. In a place like Huntsville, Alabama, there are no communities of deep thinkers. The writing groups focus on horrible, shitty, house wife poetry about kittens and birds; and completely ignores the decades long frustration and self-denial that transfers pent up sexual desires into shitty poetry about kittens. Plus the sci-fi community is pretty shit, here, too- what with all the engineers. (They're too into proving how not-a-geek they are, to geek out with the true masters of the dungeons.) If I stay here, I can still make it- but it's gonna take a while, and I may rot on the vine before I meet my chance.

What I need, then:
* Some place warm- if it snows every winter, or most winters, or the snow is measured in more than fractions of an inch, it's too cold.
* Some place creative- I need alternative creative outlets so I can sift through the fuckheads and the pretentious to find other thinkers. Plus, I need help (we all do), and if another fucking house wife tells me my story is good, but it could use more kittens, I'm gonna tell them I had the clap when we fucked last week. So, not some small, hippy, commune of creativty. A HUGE myriad fuckton of weird, wild, and wonderful, please.
* Some place in the US. Though I have job experience in lucrative fields, and sought after skill sets, I don't have enough to get more than a tourist visa. Plus, I can learn new programming languages in under a week; but human languages are impossible for me. I do speak passable sarcasm.
* Some place with a LOCAL comedian scene. Huntsville is devoid of one, and I'm too busy to set it up. Birmingham has a burgeoning one, but it's been that way since the 80s. Fuck that. I want a place where there's access to stage time for all levels. I need to challenge myself, and this is the venue I'd like to do it in, and if I learn the skill set, I want to be able to progress.
* Some place without a complete and utter ban on smoking. I smoke, if you don't, I suggest you start. It's a proven factually truth-nugget that smoking is good for the planet. Cancer kills children, children cause global warming, ipso facto.
* I'd prefer somewhere with a punk scene, because I like the music, asshole.
* Some amount of detail concerning the day-to-day. Average rents- from the scummy end to the low-end-in-sight-of-the-better-places. Food/gas costs. Or where I could go to find more, reliable, information about that.

Lastly, I need your help. If you got a minute, tell me about the place you'd go if you were me. And if you have two, start planning your move, too.

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Comment by Tom on April 4, 2011 at 2:44am
Thanks for the input
Comment by Larry W Snider on March 27, 2011 at 8:47pm

I can't say where but I live in Vermont and would have to say,,,,,,,,

Probably not here,,



Comment by Jim DePaulo on March 27, 2011 at 3:11pm

he only US city I can think of that meets most of your criteria would be San Diego. 
I've lived in Colorado all my life so the cold to me is, at most, an inconvenience. If I were to move to another city it would be Santa Fe, NM – but it also has cold weather.

Comment by Dawanna Johnson on March 27, 2011 at 12:55am
ok, try texas. im a writer too, well i used to be. ive had writers block for about 2 years now and it sucks. i used to write songs and poetry. ive tryed writing books but i never get anywhere near finishing. the farthest ive got is 3 chapters. but anyway its nice to find a very secret quiet place on the beach and write.



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