I write..compulsively... and i know this is already on my profile.. but sometimes i do like to re-post things for emphasis... (that and i'm a super dork and i like reading my own words...really thats all it is.. i

anything i post on my blog- unless otherwise stated is my written work and property of me;) if you want to use something i've written that's cool.. just let me know and give me props ok?

"While Freedom Passes By"

Purple mountains majesty
cover the deep blue sky
while memories of freedom
quickly pass by

where is the cherry tree that brought the truth
or a leader who truly was not a crook

where is the freedom they claim to have fought for
and the equal rights for all

they all believe in lies and you can see it in their eyes
as long as it doesn't effect them, you'll never hear their cries

purple mountains majesty
cover deep blue skies
while memories of freedom
quickly pass by

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