Nero fiddled while Rome burned. While considered only a rumor, the acrid aroma of rosin coming from the US House of Representatives is not. While the economy burns, the Republican led House is fiddling with "birth control."

As much as some men may desire it, becoming octomom is not a goal of today's woman, nor is staying barefoot and pregnant a desired state. Watching the shameful antediluvian political display of men discussing birth control for women would be laughable if not for its absolute indifference to its blatant sexism.

Irresponsible is not a term strong enough to  describe the congressional quest to subordinate women while the country slides deeper into an economic crisis either created, assisted or ignored by the same group. Without going into detail of the fox/henhouse correlation of men discussing birth control for women, the idea of contraception as a national issue is appalling considering the current state of the nation.

Although seeming an apparent interest of government, the transparent motives of religion are generating the smokescreen in an attempt to influence Religious Right voters. Attempting to legislate morality is fraught with blind-spots and  ambiguity marked with a long record of subordinating the rights of others, stirring civil disobedience and even violence. Nevertheless, the vapid ideals of the Evangelical Right combined with their disregard for the rights of others continues.

The constant "fiddling" of religion with politics has already weakened the reputations of both, especially the former. Politicians already populate the Death Valley of public opinion, but religion is fast sliding toward the same venue because of the Evangelical Right's continuous flirtation with the flypaper of politics.

While, birth-control and contraception may generate heat and light, the fire is an illusion created by religionists and their political lackeys. Meanwhile, Rome continues to burn.

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