Disclaimer: This is my first blog a so I begin by apologizing for all the rules of blogging that I will break.  Actually I'm not going to apologize for breaking the rules (for if they were important they would have been written down in a place where I would have read them . I am going to apologize for offending you. Hmmm...perhaps not; for insult is taken. never given and I do not intend on insulting anyone. 


Intro: This entry, and others yet to come, will focus on my personal explication of a poem that I've written.  The poem is being chosen based on what I like or what I believe may be of interest to others.  The writing (micropoem) follows:


But who shall protect our gods from ridicule, men with sticks? - A. D'Agio


Explication: To be clear I don't believe in super natural gods but if there were gods or a God why would men have to protect his/her honour. Does he/she need protection? Does his/her feelings get hurt when bad words are said? Is the god so distant that they require lowly and simple humans to fight on their behalf? What about that all powerful being defending itself? I have posted this poem on another website and got this reply from a believer.


God does not need us, but we sure do need Him....He allows us to feel needed, tho.....He does not need our protection, but I find myself offended when someone does say something bad because He is the only One who ever died for me.-anonymous


OK. I think I can understand that sentiment. It's like when your father or great uncle, who  is really "good" to you, has just has his honour downgraded. You feels upset; angry even. You want revenge. I can understand but then to make the claim that god commands vengeance..you've got to be kidding me. Our guns and knives do nothing in protecting a deity's honour. Remember he can't be hurt. It's all about hurting each other and then giving excuse that "the deity made me do it".  




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