I do not wave a sign or go running into churches screaming "Hail Satan!". I do not stomp on wooden crosses, spit on the Holy Grail, or pee on the Virgin Mary. 


If you ask me straightforward what religion I practice or what God I believe in I will quietly and firmly let you know...I don't believe in sparkles and I don't practice fairy tales. But in a nice way.

And inevitably they have questions. Questions and questions....and oh...did I say questions.? If I happen to be in a group of friends who are religious and someone outside the group finds out I'm an atheist it's like my friends just became space ghosts and are all on their way to Mars. 

So I answer their questions with my own. Countering their diatribes with ideas of my own.

And...oh...I think I see...yep there it is.

They start to get mad. They begin to fluster. They look at me as if I skinned a child. 

I'm not giving the answers they want. The answers they need. All coherent conversation seems to cease. I am then subjected to the boring language of "God loves you" and "I'll pray for you."

Here's the thing. I consider myself a reasonably intelligent and thoughtful adult. I absolutely love a reasoned and sometimes spirited(pun?)debate on a number of issues. Gay rights issues(pro LGBTA), legalization of marijuana(very for), guns and war(completely against) as well anything and everything to do with all the arts. The way it's supposed to work is people or a group lend their voices and opinions in a rational discussion where ideas are exchanged facts, are revealed and knowledge is uncovered.

I would love to have a wonderful discussion with a person who has religious views. I would love to consider what they say and counter with my own thoughts. I would like to ask serious questions and get a reasoned , non aggressive response.  

But it's not gonna happen. Not once. Not ever. It makes me sad. It makes me sad that people can be so delusional and so fearful  and want to grab onto their fictional Gods so much that they will become unreasonable and unkind and unsympathetic. They will teach their children fear and submission. They will turn away friends and even family in the name of illusion. 

You'll pray for me? I pity you.

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Comment by Future on January 12, 2014 at 11:18am
It's funny, usually atheists are the ones accused of being angry. I usually just refer them to Gretta Christina's book if they ask why I'm so angry.
Comment by Brian Iverson on January 10, 2014 at 3:23pm

Keep doing what you are doing.  Your atheist voice in everyday discussions may not have any impact on the religious zealots, but for the 'audience' you (an atheist) will not be seen as the lunatic straw man that is often put forth by the zealots.  You will be the everyday person who just happens to not believe in gods.  Your voice will also be heard by those in the audience that maybe sitting on the fence or afraid to come out and will be a positive influence.

Comment by Michael Penn on January 9, 2014 at 11:53am

The religious have a two fold problem now. They are starting to see that Genesis is a myth as for the creation and the fall, but they cannot let go of it. To do so means we have no real need of religion. They want to believe so badly.

Next they are wanting to bring in Intelligent Design as a theory, hoping to rival evolotion, but doing this sort of like believing in Deism. Since they are not Deists they cannot have it both ways, and this gets confusing to them. They go back and forth from a 6000 year old illogical Buybull into Intelligent Design and can't understand why you won't accept it even if the "design" idea is much older.

Back and forth the entire time constantly saying "but the Buybull says. . . ." This is likely to be how it remains because these people are delusional. At best a few might drop away into atheism. Some might even become Deist. If they do, they will have to get rid of that Buybull.

Comment by Loren Miller on January 9, 2014 at 5:44am

This is a problem we run onto time and time again - trying to have a rational conversation with irrational people.  Until and if they can recognize the absurdities of their belief system, any chance of real intercommunication or meeting of the minds is out the window.  They might as well be speaking Greek while we're speaking Mandarin.

Sad to say, but from where I sit, very true.



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