Why atheist will lose the war against religion.

I have been what I call a devoted and or a committed atheist for about 10 years now. After getting free from the repression of the “Steve Abrams” family of Kansas. Yes, the Steve Abrams that was on the Kansas State Board of Education that thought evolution wasn't such a good thing to teach in science classes in public school. So I have seen a few things change in the past few years in my life and in the current cultural discussion. I may go into that later but this deals with were I see us now as the new atheist movement.

There is a discussion of those that are leading the charge that we are to be either accommodationists or confrontationalists. I saw a panel discussion on this very subject at the Skepticon III in Springfield, MO a few weeks ago. It doesn't seem to make any sense to me that there is no difference in thought between the two camps as to how they view the supernatural or that divine. The issue comes down to the way to deal with the religious adherents. This is the area that I want to talk about.


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Comment by Frankie Dapper on December 10, 2010 at 7:08pm

Interesante Thomas

I have continued to advocate a stance in which atheists avoid the trap of discussing theology and its concomitant emotional bagapooh, and instead focus on religion as a political and social phenomen. What is it? What is its nature? What does it do?

In this way the atheist can redirect that emotional outrage at your imperious challenge to the overlordship of the one true cult, and focus on the vile filthy mucous-laden consequences of belief. Catholic priests billy bopping little ones has caused a minor apostasy. But that is a mere bucket of sand on a small beach of church evil. Do some shoveling of sand. Sand can be very uncomfortable and make the sandy one scramble for the shower.



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