Why Can't Dog Owners Be More Responsible?

Why can't dog owners be more responsible? This is the 3rd time in a week I have come in contact with loose dogs. It is a frightening experience. I have 3 dogs and walk them 2 at a time. I love to walk my dogs and they are always on a leash. People just put their dogs out in their unfenced yard unattended. I am tired of being fearful to walk my dogs. I just purchased an air horn. I had to use it today because 2 labs started to approach me from their yard. I guess the owner heard the air horn and came out to see what the noise was. His response was "they are friendly". This is not acceptable.

According to Animal Control, ARTICLE IV: OWNER RESPONSIBILITIES: No person shall intentionally, or by failure to exercise due care, allow a dog to run at large, stray or therwise be off the owner's premises unless held on leash, subject to the exceptions found at MCL

The other day, I had a Rott jump a fence and come charging at me. A few days after that a Blood Hound followed me home. I was lucky both of these times. I don't want a dog fight or to get bit!

You never know how an animal is going to act. My dogs are very protective when on a leash. I just want people to be more responsible owners and realize the safety risks of unattended dogs so no one gets hurt! Not only can there be a dog fight or animal bite, but the dog can get hit by a car.

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Comment by Creature on April 30, 2009 at 5:48pm
Do you live in a smaller area or an area where there isn't much traffic?

I'd be too worried about my dog being run over or some sadist capturing her to leave her unattended. Every now and again I come across stories up here where dogs have been stolen or murdered when left unattended in the back yard. :(

How do you feel about cats being allowed to roam free?
Comment by Angie Jackson on April 30, 2009 at 10:07am
I got pinned against my car once by a loose Pitbull and a loose Great Dane (bigger than me). My old neighborhood is KNOWN for loose dogs.

I use an airhorn for dealing with "honks" while I'm walking down the road. Being without a car doesn't mean I want your brainless "cute ass" comments, so I like to honk back - it seems to be more satisfying for me than merely flicking them off.
Comment by Joshua Dolan on April 29, 2009 at 7:02pm
I love dogs, but I have the same problem in my area. A mix came charging at me and my cocker spaniel from an unfenced yard and I kicked it in the head when it got within range baring its teeth. My dog and I didn't have time to run so that was my only course of action. It yelped and scurried off. (Nice heavy steel toed boot to the face will do that.) I called the cops and reported the house it came from to them but I don't think anything happened. We've had many dogs get hit in the area too just being allowed to run free. Another problem in my area is owners who leave their dogs out all night and the bark / howl continuously. I don't know how everybody puts up with it! I work late so I tend to sleep late too and when I am trying to go to bed at 3am and a dog three houses down on the road behind me won't stop barking I've dressed, walked down, taken the house number and called the cops then too. They sent a patrol car and the owner was warned. Next time I will call animal control directly. I don't get how if I can't sleep through the barking houses away that they could with it in their own backyard?



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