Why do atheist communities seem more aggressive?

 I do find it refreshing that people are more straight forward in atheist communities than not.  And I would have to qualify that not all atheist communities are more aggressive than non atheist communities – but I do find a certain scene of directness and crossing social boundaries that are upheld in other places.


This isn’t to say that I don’t contravene quite a few social boundaries myself, and in fact feel quite more at home here on Nexus than anywhere else, where I find myself in society.


I wouldn’t say that I’m a rude person, but I certainly seem to manage to piss quite a lot of people off in terms of breaking un-spoken social rules – it’s the looks and the apologies for my ‘friends’ ways that I’m gaining this understanding.


And then when I post here, I get straight forward, honest and direct response, which I absolutely love.  It’s like I’ve come home – some people who can hear what I have to say, tell me is all crap and then give me something more solid to rest my understanding about reality.


Is it something about the ‘real’ world that people don’t like to hear the truth or an opinion about the truth as I see it, shakes their world?  I don’t know.

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