"Why do we care?" - from Atheist Climber blog

From Atheist Climber blog

Logic. Reason. Rationality.

These are the 3 tools I use on a daily basis to make sense of the world. Without these tools, the world decays into a mess of suppositions and superstitions.

This means that whenever I look at the world, I have a lifetime's worth of knowledge by which I can make assessments on what is good, right, real and tangible. For me, every moment, every event, every second that passes, all have come to pass because of past events leading up to it. Nothing just "happens". The laws of physics, chemical processes, gravity and thermodynamics are the rules by which the universe functions, and these laws are unbreakable. Admittedly, none of these laws of processes are understood 100%, but they are a pretty solid basis for me, as a human being, to make this assessment. Add to that, that I am not a scientist, and my understanding of these processes is rudimentary at best. I am no expert, just a human using my resources as best I can.

When faced with a situation I don't fully understand, it's with these processes that I can decipher it, and come up with a rational explanation. Logic. Reason. Rationality.

It makes me comfortable to know my place in this universe. I know that as a species, we are highly isolated, surrounded on all sides by the unfathomable reaches of space. It brings me comfort to know that the universe will continue to exist long after I'm gone. But for some this is exactly why they fall the other direction, into mysticism and fancy. If it's too hard to explain or understand, then it must be the work of mystical beings.

But why do I care? What motivates me to write about religion, and about my vantage point on life, the universe and everything?

The universe we live in is amazing. Our understanding of the universe shows us an incredible history, our history, without bias toward one or another. Our history makes sense from a rational standpoint, and is the one thing we ALL have in common. Without exception. Denial of this leads to division of people into "us and them". It leads to unfounded justifications and irrational thought. It leads to mania, exclusion and delusion. Denial of this is denial of humanity's oneness with the universe, and places us above nature, above all else. This is a destructive and delusional way to be.

This is why I care enough to write about religion.

Why do you care?

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