Proof that god is a troubled teenage boy:

-he makes people do crude sexual things for no apparent reason
-he changes his mind constantly depending on his mood
-he could fix everything in the world but he's too lazy so he lets us do it
-he is jealous of the most idiotic things
-he is overly suspicious of everyone and subjects them to "tests of faith"
-he is self-centered
-he doesn't anticipate the consquences of his actions

-he has had an only mildly effective anger rehabilitation (NT) and still exhibits passive-aggressive behavior
-he lets others take the fall for his faults
-he blames others for his mistakes
-he values the meek and the faithful, which shows a need to dominate and control people, which indicates a troubled childhood

That's all I could think of on short notice. Any counselors/psychologists out there who could psychoanalyze god and add to the list? These are just some of the obvious troubled teenager things that jumped out at me. It would be cool if someone more studied would give an analysis of why people tend to do these things like the very broad one about troubled childhood.

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