I do not know why I feel a need to explain myself-I think if I look deep enough I will realize that anger is my basic motivator. I do not wish for a different life; I am fairly content. I must, however, tell at least part of my story.
My parents made a half hearted attempt to bring me up Methodist; but we quit going to church while I was fairly young. My parents were intelligent people, perhaps they came to a sane conclusion about religion and decided to stop forcing it on me; we never actually discussed it.The net result,at any rate, was I was allowed to think for myself and concluded fairly early on that god was an insupportable idea.
I do not remember being anything other than careful with my nonbelief-we lived in a very conservative and religious town.I knew enough to keep my head down-but somebody found out.
I was a good musician and was in line for a full ride scholarship as well as a coveted position with the marching band-you know, I don't think I will go into anymore detail-(still live in the same town).Suffice it to say that all those opportunities went away (given to good little believers).The same person who started talking about me in the first place as it turns out. I and my family actually received hate and threat mail and phone calls.
I am responsible for all the bad and good choices that I made before and after these events; my life has been of my own making: but my trajectory was no doubt influenced by these self-anointed "good" people.
I have been an Atheist since I first seriously thought about religion-but I am ashamed to say that my early conflict with the christians frightened me right into the closet
I have had a computer for a few years now and have witnessed how many have similar stories-I am not alone-I am still pissed off-AND I AM NO LONGER AFRAID

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