For these reasons: - Thanks to the Bible: I was once a devout Catholic but regular Bible reading saved me. Why? Because I so took notice contradictions in the Bible and found that the Christian god behaves as childish and that he is in the Old Testament jealous, cruel, merciless.
Evil in the world: If God exists, why is unjustice in the world, suffering etc.? What may be the will of God for natural disasters? Many Christians say that this was a punishment for infidelity or other nonsense. Really?
- Christians like to tell that God answered their prayers. But they are silent about fact that most of the prayers their God would not hearken. Very strange. Or they deceive themselves that God didn"t heard their prayers because God knows what is for them good. :) I was a Roman Catholic and I prayed often. If their God exists, why don"t my many prayers hear? For example the prayer for harmony in family cohesion.After all, this is good, no? But my family is divided because some family members to destroy the relationship with us for money, indeed, they are believers. And when religion is a guarantee of morality, then is anything bad because I have the opposite experience. :)
- In my childhood priests don"t give me answers for my many questions.

I apologize for mistakes in English, if any mistakes were because I am Slovak but I believe that you understand me. :) It is so much and sometimes I write something about how I went from Christianity, otherwise, I spoke formally of the Catholic Church, when I was 18 years. Today I am 22 years old. :)

I look forward to your opinions and observations.

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