Why I became Atheist - knowledge can kill

After receiving my master’s degree in business, I decided that finally it was time to accept my calling become pastor and save the world one soul at time. (Doctorate in African studies and Religion) Now before increasing my already out of control student loan bill, I decided to first see why other religions and or cultures did not like Christianity what was wrong with three GODS IN ONE I believed in.

Now most people ask if you were studying word, on journey to preach the word to the world what happen. I must stay family if you truly open your heart, mind and soul to understanding something you know not about, without any basis’s your eyes will see light. After two years of hard core research I became Atheists, how you say. I could not in good faith teach something I knew was lie and did not convey what I felt was life changing message.

I wanted to teach the world message that no matter what you believed you could relate and this is what I found family –


First part is called MOTTO

Education + Life experience = wisdom – which leads to spiritual growth throughout your life journey from birth to death

Education comes from school as well as what you learn from others friends and family

Life experience comes from the path you walk in life as well as what you learn from listening to others life journey (Empiricism: knowledge is obtained through experience)

Wisdom is a combination of the two intertwining throughout your life

Spiritual Growth is that truth and knowledge you gain


Second part is called Key to Life

The key to life are the DECISIONS you make, which are based off your Education + Life experience = wisdom

So if you know person who continuous to make same ‘dumb’ mistake each and every time try to see if MOTTO can be applied to their life. Ask yourself what in their life explains their actions.

I will close with this always try to make informed decisions in life. You are only what you know and have experience in life

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