I want to try out this blog and I thought a good first topic would be Why I think God don't exist.

For one thing I have asked God on many occasions whether it existed or not.. I have a letter on a myspace blog I wrote 2 years ago to God guess what he said...Nothing! No visions, no booming voice nothing not even a grilled cheese with a face to sell on eBay.

People say Well, what if your wrong and See a God when you die?..Well, I got a damn good argument why didn't you tell me anything!

Here's my reasons to think a God don't exist:

1.To much confusion
Who is God? Is it Jesus? Vishnu? Allah? or Maybe a female like Diana?

What's God look like? A elephant man like Ganesha? or Maybe a man like Jesus? or Maybe a Minotaur that'd be kind of cool.

What's God's word? The Dhammapada? or The Bible? or Maybe the Bhagavad-Gita?

Plus you got these ridiculous stories in every single religion such as the virgin birth in the bible, Ganesha the elephant headed God in Hinduism, and I could go on and on.

Does God not know what scientifically could happen? You'd think a book by God would make some sense.

Plus, If we knew who God is, What God looked like? and What God said there would not be so many different ideas.

2.Where is God?
You'd think with all the satellites in space we'd see a God somewhere near Earth He's got to be somewhere near it to see it right?
But we see nothing and No one can say he's on Earth cause we'd not have all this confusion we have.

3. Do you see a God doing anything?

You'd think if a God existed this world would be a different place

Need food? No problem ask God and poof it's there, Need money No problem ask and poof it's there.

We'd see people making houses poof into existence, We wouldn't see homelessness, starving people on tv, birth defects, people being murdered and raped, Why would we if a God existed that provided everything we needed?

But we never see that..No things poofing into existence with a prayer nothing at all.

Also look at creation it takes 2 or more years for a pine tree to grow why wouldn't a God just poof pine trees everywhere? Wouldn't it be a cool sight to see a grassy land and One day God decides to put trees there and Poof they are there?

When I make these arguments I usually get the response Well who am I to say what God should or shouldn't do he don't have to do as I say.

Well, A God that does nothing for it's children is an unfit parent and If it exists it don't deserve anything from me.

Some one might argue well he did something for them But, That makes it worse it makes it look like he plays favorites.

What? He gave you a home, a job and food while some where a homeless guy is sitting in a dumpster eating a thrown away half eaten pizza? Why are you so special?

Look at Nature

Why are we humans the only ones who supposedly has to believe in a God, worship a God and Be in a religion?

Take the laws on sex a lot of religions have : You got to be married, You can't be gay, and You can't go around having sex all the time with everyone.

If you have any pets or watch animals for very long you'll quickly see animals do not play by these rules at all. When a female cat is in heat every male cat in the area is out for some tail and She will lay down and purr for it!!!!!

As for homosexuality I had a male dog one time that decided to take the other male dog for a ride. It didn't last long but the point is here is animals have no laws on sex.

They don't have a holy book, a place of worship, rules, ministers, beliefs or a God for that matter.

Some religions claim they do like Bastet the Egyptian cat Goddess...Sorry but, No you don't see any evidence of a cat worshiping Bastet. Put a Bastet statue in front of a cat and It might play with it but, It wont worship it.

Some people I have made this argument to say Well, animals are not as smart as humans so God didn't say for them to worship it or God didn't bother teaching animals.

So, We have God playing favorites yet again..We humans are more important than lets say a kitten? Do kittens go to hell? So, is a little kitten is not God's child too? Don't it deserve knowledge?

Damn..A God that don't care about kittens isn't a good God to me.

What can you expect tho..peoples so called God let's hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes kill billions of people, plants,animals and You never see this God intervene.

Religion basically says we are better than plants and Animals we are separate.

Evolution says we are animals and Are a part of nature.

Look outside and Think of them two ideas...Winch is more beautiful, wonderful and Then see winch one science has proof of with fossil evidence. I think being a part of nature is a beautiful thing I like thinking I am a part of nature and The animal world.

Well, I have ranted enough I guess it's getting lunch time and I gotta get some food no God is gonna deliver it lol

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