Why Islam should be outlawed (until it's the next religions turn)

  Bare with me this is not hate speech.  

Let's say the Aztec religion becomes very prolific in the U.S.   There's temples through out the country. Our Constitution protects the freedom of religion. Great especially if it also protects freedom from religion. One day these Aztec theist decide to sacrifice a random citizen at each temple every day to ensure the sun rises. Would their freedom of religion then be protected. Of course not. It would be deemed unconstitutional on the basis that it prevents citizens right to the pursuit of life liberty and happiness. 

We could then ask the Aztec theist to self regulate. That is ask the good moderate Aztecs to compell the radicals to stop sacrificing humans. Is that reasonable? These are Aztecs, even the moderates believe they are doing the right moral thing by their god.   

Would it be reasonable for a theist to ask atheist to speak out and  condemn all that we believe is moral and good? Aztecs would certainly expect to be the next sacrifice. Once more we ask them to speak out against their religion that is moral and good? 

I would propose in this case that we outlaw the practice of the Aztec religion for ten years. We close the temples, disallow meetings for the purpose of worship, block all websites that promote the Aztec religion and prosecute violators with felony charges under due process. Aztecs would be allowed to worship at home as long as there were no sacrifices.

If there were any incidents of proven Aztec sacrifices on U.S. soil to include territories and embassies the count down clock soul start over. It would then be automatically repealed after ten years of no human sacrifices. 

There would be those who argue that it's just the extremists priest that sacrifice humans. The fact of the matter is that without Aztecs there would be no priest. So either the moderate Aztecs are aiding and abetting or completely complacent. Either way human sacrifices must be put to a stop.

Similar measures are not unprecedented. The early Christian church took similar measures to stop the Gnostic movement.  Are there any Gnostic churches near you? Unfortunately later they started kidnapping children to convert, destroying churches, burning all sacred writings and finally resorted to genocide. Our purpose is to to protect citizens not to kill people. Hopefully we would not devolve to such measures.

Is this harsh? Maybe but we have the right and duty to protect our citizens. Though it horrifies me to think of it we imprisoned American citizens of Japanese descent during world war two. I am not justifying this action but making the point that we as a nation have gone to extreme measures to protect our people. 

It takes no stretch of the imagination to see how this hypothetical scenario would apply to Islam in our country. We can not let other religions off the hook however. It is cyclic throughout history. One theist religion commits crimes against humanity and then another takes over. I am not being insensitive toward Islam. It is insensitive for any religion to take slaves, rape, pillage, murder etc. just because they think their god said to. 

We as a nation must address any clear and present danger to our nation foreign and domestic and take what ever measures necessary to protect the citizens of our nation.

Islam is not the problem. Theism is the problem is is simply Islam's turn. If someone is trying to kill me I really don't care which God told them to. I want to eliminate the immediate threat. If a theist wants to watch football with me and eat nachos then great! We will have a great time.

I will prove I am not necessarily anti-Islamic but anti theist.  When it is the next theist religions turn simply replace the appropriate religions name in place of Islam.  When the next religion decides it's time to burn witches, enslave, or perhaps commit genocide replace the term Islam with the appropriate religion. Then simply re-read this essay.

There is simply no good God that would endorse crimes against humanity. Unfortunately for all of us is is Islam's turn.

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Comment by Compelledunbeliever on July 14, 2017 at 11:41am


There is much bragging in the old testament of Jews  committing hate crimes such as genocide. While my link only depicts one persons opinion, It does indeed back up up my point that Islam is indeed the current most threatening religion of our time.  Hopefully it will be the last "religious great threat" that humankind has to deal with.

Comment by Michael Penn on August 17, 2016 at 6:51am

The next time someone is shot and bleeding badly we could just ignore facts and bow our heads, praying fervently for them. I wonder how that would work out? Would people think you were crazy?

BTW, a little take on that phrase "praying fervently." I can imagine somebody with their eyes closed, spitting and almost foaming at the mouth as their voice sounds very excited. Still, I don't think god will buy it. The person that was shot will probably die from the wound or blood loss.

Comment by tom sarbeck on August 17, 2016 at 6:44am

Outlaw the religion, or enforce existing law against the practice?

Faith-healing Oregon parents denied medical care for two children who subsequently died due to lack of medical care. The parents were prosecuted and found guilty. As I recall, the state took their third child from them.

A year or so ago I heard of a similar case in, I think, Michigan.

Comment by Joan Denoo on August 14, 2016 at 8:17pm

P.S. I like your comment, Compelledunbeliever

Comment by Joan Denoo on August 14, 2016 at 8:16pm

If there were a god, I would like to think he/she/it would not burn or drown non-compliant individuals or groups. If there were a god, there would be no slaves or genocide, and yet we know the old testament overflows with just such conditions. If there were a god there would be one voice throughout all the lands and all the people. The notion that each culture has their version of he/she/it implies the existence of god resides in the minds of human beings.

Some gods are similar, some very different. 

Because there exist so many gods indicates there are none. 

What do these various religions teach? Is it "my god is stronger, wiser, more compassionate than all other gods." Well, there is a perfect set-up for violence, right within those beliefs. Want to start a fight and claim some superiority of he/she/it: i.e. Israel vs. Palestine, Harvard vs. Yale, Washington State vs. the University of Washington, my dad vs. your dad. 

Church of England persecuted the Pilgrims; Pilgrims persecuted Native Americans; Puritans persecuted Quakers; I find no evidence of Quakers persecuting others, for any reason. If you know of any, please inform me and provide the citation. 

Now, it is indeed, Islam's turn. There exist certain "unalienable laws" under which we live: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness seem as clear as anyone could propose. 

Every single group in our nation, every single individual has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

If denied these fundamental rights to any group or individual, the government has the responsibility to impose swiftinevitable, and painful remedies.

Comment by Michael Penn on August 13, 2016 at 10:23am

As Loren says, the problem is not simple.

We are no against Islam because that alone is not the problem. Without drawing attention to the fact we helped create ISIS in order to give some equality to those in Iraq. Muslims there do not trust each other in the least. If you are from a different sect you should die. Today ISIS is a threat to many others and even the entire world. It's not fair at all to blame Islam for this.


Follow my link above to find that in the 1980's many Mormons were in a killing spree. It did not lead to the banning of the Mormon religion. How would you ban a religion?

Lastly, many today want to blame Obama and they say he is a Muslim. For those who think he is, and that he goes softly on Islam, you have to consider that he was adopted by a Muslim and that his sister, Maya, is Muslim. Mr. Obama has a complicated family and it is not likely he will be going against any religion.

Our problem is not Muslims. It is the radicals that might exist and grow in numbers in any group. It could be the Baptists tomorrow. My problem with any of this is that people are being killed because of imaginary beings in 2016, and sometimes even if they draw a picture.

Comment by Loren Miller on August 12, 2016 at 8:54am

The problem with banning Islam in the current day is plain and simple: the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Taking such action would so utterly violate the concept and intent of the Constitution that any recovery from such a change in policy in the eyes of the world (never mind our own citizens) would be difficult at best. Indeed, it would make matters worse by providing a justification to existing radicals and those who are on the fence about taking that path. Outlawing or banning Islam as a means of controlling it would be a massive mistake.

Islam as a “clear and present danger” really doesn’t wash, either. Muslims have lived in the US for decades if not centuries and their communities have been peaceful and contributive to the public good, with very few exceptions. Stigmatizing all Muslims as a blanket action is counterproductive, because the problem is far less the people than it is the belief system itself.

It has been observed by multiple parties that what Islam needs is a reformation, much as the Roman Catholic Church underwent. Such a restructuring would be no easy matter. The RCC has been markedly resistant to change practically from its inception, though its monolithic nature actually allows what change it does adopt to promulgate out from its core in a fairly consistent fashion. Contrarily, Islam has no central structure from which to organize an overall moderating effort. This means the only viable solution (or at least the only solution I can think of) is local pressure in local communities against those elements of Islam which seek to radicalize and/or dominate a given locale. It means educating Muslims in the inherent problems of their belief system and how the radicals are using those problems to justify themselves. Involving Muslims is a critical part of this process, because they are the primary if not exclusive source of those who are radicalized. Islam has to be in a position to police itself, which requires an education process as much as it needs an enforcement process.

Outlawing Islam is a simplistic solution to a complex problem, and I submit not only that it would not work, but would make matters far worse than they are already. We need to be intelligent about this matter; otherwise, it can all too easily blow up in our faces.  This problem is NOT simple, and we cannot afford to assume a solution which fails to acknowledge that.



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