Lars Vilks finished his lecture in Uppsala this week.

We all remember what happened last time.

In order to have him finish his lecture of course this time protection was high and had a price of more than 700.000 SEK. ( I leave it up to you to calculate the cost in your currency.)

Over at the friendly atheist Hemant asks a very interesting question:

How much should the government and universities pay before we either take some sort of action against the terrorism or give in and not speak?

While I think this is an interesting question to ask in the abstract realm of thought i fear that there is no real practical answer to it. How would someone take action and what action would someone be able to take in a country where free speech is allowed and where protest to that speech also is allowed?

What exactly is it that we could or should do?

Remember that nobody is guilty until proven so, which brings us to the point that you could define someone as terrorist or criminal only if he actually attacked someone like Vilks. One might think that something has to happen to him before you actually are able to deal with the perpetrator of the crime. The alternative is to increase security as we have seen now in Sweden. And the result of this is a horrendous monetary cost.

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