The monotheistic religions cannot be sustained without the satan, and that’s because in their development towards monotheistic they faced a big problem.

To understand this problem lets go back to the beginning when there was many gods and goddesses and each have specialized power.

One come and say these are many gods lets reduce them to just two gods one for good and other for evil.

so after that , when it was time for monotheistic, the writer faced this problem, how to get rid of the evil god and make it only one god, the good god. Because the role of the gods at that time is to bring victory to the king, and If a king have good god, then the other king have to be with evil god.

So he converted the evil god into satan, but while he writing the book, back in his head he know the satan is god of evil, this entered him through left brain and right brain conflict.

Sometimes he write with left brain try to make satan "the highest of all the angels a fallen angel ", but his right brain knows that satan is god, the result was very wired; a good god - who suppose that he created everything - making bet with Satan ,challenge satan , argue with satan. And compete with him on human.

I think one of the disastrous thing happen to mankind is the making out the god and satan, because it give the authority to do every things, millions slaughtered, burned, tortured to death, because of this division “god and satan” “if you are not with me then you are with the satan”!!!.

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Comment by Rick Springfield on July 20, 2014 at 1:20pm

Every writer will be influenced by his political and ideological ideas that surrounds him,

I was just try to explain this environment in symbolic way but I think I need to make things clear here.

Cyrus the Great  praised in the Jewish sources, but there is no evidence that he is  monotheistic, The Cyrus Cylinder, for instance, appeals to the help of the Babylonian gods Marduk, Bêl, and Nabû. but still considered good king, and they praised him only for political reasons.

Then come Zoroaster who make the division which I mentioned who reduce gods to “ahura mazda” the good and “ahriman” the evil.

Also Jewish admits that there exist other gods but; their god is more powerful.

“I know that the lord is great, that our Lord is greater than all gods.”

Psalm 135.5

I do not blame the Jewish writer he couldn’t predict the future, he didn’t imagine that his work will have such influence even in after more than 2500 years, he just wrote it to make Jewish don’t forget about their origins and united them in one idea.

(obviously he succeeded).

but with absence of copyright and intellectual property you can imagine what was happen, other writers copy his work , and he just started a snow ball.

Comment by Michael Penn on July 20, 2014 at 10:48am

I'm sorry to have addressed so many points there, Rick, and not address your blog ideas. You said it pretty well. For religion as we know it to exist they have to have Satan.

Comment by Michael Penn on July 20, 2014 at 10:42am

Points well taken here, jay H, but remember that all the books of the bible were once singular books never intended to be bound together as one. Putting them all together and calling the result "The Bible" is the default sate of mind of the christian.

To them the talking serpent in Genesis was the devil, or Satan if you will. The book itself never made that claim, but if you believed and studied all 66 books as one book you would believe it.

I agree with your asessment of the book of Job as a bet. What it teaches (supposedly) is that it's best to never curse god and always go along with god no matter what, and you will end up with more than you ever had before. It doesn't matter if you get back your same wife and same children. Ignorant theists actually believe this story to be real!

As for Revelation, it does seem to be drug induced doesn't it. lol  Not the only choice to be added to the buybull, I suppose they added this one so their book would have both a beginning and an end - Genesis through Revelation. Strange that the fundamental religionist views this book as "futuristic" when its main idea is to warn of keeping steadfast and tell you that the anti-christ has already come. It goes through some things to expect from Rome and then goes psychodelic on through the end of time. To believe this book is predicting the future events of mankind is to be as one who is insane.

The bottom line is that there used to be many gods. Follow the Old Pesterment and you see that Yahwey (or Jehovah) was trying to prove he was the only god. All the other gods were false gods. Isaiah 16 has a scripture where god is given credit for creating everything, even the evil in the world. Many cannot deal with this directly, so evil was "invented" as another god-like figure, Satan - also known as the Devil. Now mankind could understand it when things prayed for did not happen, and they had a being to blame bad things on. Light and shadow, night and day. Surely our god does not cause of allow bad things, so that must have come from this other evil entity.

When we believe that our Bible was meant to be as 66 books all together as one, we create a world mindview that didn't even exist until after 323 AD. Modern christian insanity started about that time.

Comment by jay H on July 20, 2014 at 7:52am

Monotheism has a major flaw, as you point out, because you can't just blame other gods for bad things happening. The Satan character developed very slowly over the course of the Bible, many feel he was the voice of the serpent (though Genesis does not really say that) but not much is said about him till the Christian era. The Israelites were too busy fighting 'false gods' to need a real 'satan'.

Some assume Satan is the other character in the obscene drunken bar bet known as the book of Job, but there is not much said about who he was.

Our big mythological image of Satan is probably mostly due to the (drug induced?) book of Revelation where the fiery evil one finally takes on his form.



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