Will NGSS stop suits for ID teaching?

Are we happy with the Next Generation Science Standards that has just being issued?


Will that end with the Academic freedom, teach the controversy, diversity of opinion BS?

Will that finish the law suites for teaching ID?

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Comment by Loren Miller on June 16, 2013 at 7:09pm

Good stuff, and damned important as well.

One major problem which isn't represented here: the qualification of teachers, especially at the grammar and middle school levels to TEACH science!  This is an issue which I believe Neil deGrasse Tyson has brought up and is very worthy of consideration.  If we don't have the teaching expertise to promulgate these concepts, this proposal, for all its excellence, will fall on its face.

As for stopping creationism / (un)intelligent design, so long as there are fundamentalists out there, determined to push their crap on the world, the fight will go on.  I had hoped that Kitzmiller v. Dover would have put a stop to that nonsense, but the subsequent bills which PASSED in Tennessee and Louisiana show that this fight is a long distance from over.  I note that there was an attempt during the drafting of the curriculum NOT to include the teaching of evolution, but that attempt was overridden, and I am glad of that.  The crap about "teaching the controversy" deserves no notice whatsoever.  The only controversy about evolution exists in the minds of those who want to see evolution removed from schools, not the proponents, students, and researchers of evolution.

More than likely, this is a positive step on the road to getting back to proper science education.  It is by no means the last shot.



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