The death-like frigid air
sharpens its blades upon your sputtering lungs
having burrowed its way through twin nasal cavities
it crystallizes your breaths from the inside out.
Suffocating your zephyr with its own,
upon exhale, your life visibly evaporates before you.

And so it was with us that in defense of this nipping assault
with hands split and fractured like dried up ravines
we struggled to even adjust our wooly scarves over each others chapped flaking lips.
The same lips we normally long for in the spring
we were now blinded to with eyes glaciated wide shut
And like a pair of blue frozen corpses
our limbs were stiffened,
yet somehow, we still managed to tremble together
as though it were our furnaces last attempts
to throw sparks at each other
in what could be our final days
of jointly sharing lifes’ bitter bleakness.

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