Witch hunts: a religious sport and capitalist venture

The more that I learn about history, is the more that I realize that history repeats itself over and over and over again only if collectively we as a people allow it. Life is a circle indeed. What goes around comes back around eventually. Take the Salem witch-hunts of 17th century American history. Many innocent individuals were branded as witches by unreasonable religious zealots. Some were murdered and many tortured into to confessing to being witches. Many were accused by a group of school-aged girls who accused innocent people as a way of passing time and having fun. Now in Africa and other parts of the world the same mass hysteria is coming around again. Be on guard! This craziness could easily come to your hometown in the near future. History clearly shows what religious beliefs can inspire man/woman to do in the name of Jesus, Allah, Yahweh,sliced bread, you name it.

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