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I've not been on Facebook for some time as an atheist.  I've used several user names and at a certain point I get kicked off.

Now originally I was kicked off because of complaints field against me by "religious" nut jobs.

Now these nut jobs seem to have nothing else better to do then hunt down people who declare themselves as non-believers in some invisible guy in the sky.

I went on as an atheist, but was not looking for trouble just trying to hook up with others like myself.

The internet has been a wonderful tool for connecting people.

Atheists are just one such group.

But it all started when a 13 year old messaged me with the following statement:


I had made no statement what so ever about attacking anyone's religion.

Well, we got into it.

I finally had enough an offered him my standard challenge for "religious nut jobs"...

1. Go to the bathroom.

2. Disrobe and get into the shower.

3. Pray in your left hand

4. Pizz in your right hand

5. See which one fills up first.

Well needless to say, he didn't take my challenge.

Well then others started to attack me for being Un-American, I needed to move to Russia, I'm a Commie and so on.

Then I had some complaints filed against me by these yahoo's.

Well I was informed by other atheists that there were these clowns out there that had nothing better to do then troll Facebook looking for Atheists and attacking them.

Well before it was all over with, I'm being booted from Facebook.

I asked Facebook about this and got their standard answers to CYA, we need your drivers licence and so on.  Sorry, not in this day an age...and I'm NOT giving that info to any Internet Company whose employees might, just might run rampant with that info.

Well, over all I got over it eventually, after getting kicked off about two more times.  Then I realized something, that well, Facebook is, well Free.

All I need is an email address, and there are lots of free mail services out there.

Well, another thing was brought to my attention.  When I get over 1,500 followers, it seems that Facebook starts looking at you.

Well, at around 1,700 followers this time, from not only the US but AROUND THE WORLD, I'm kicked off again.

Now let me go back a bit.  I finally realized that when I get attacked by a religious nutter, you need to file a complaint against them, then block them.  Most of the problems stop with that.

Sadly, I had a few groups on Facebook the last time I got kicked off.  One for those in Texas, another was an International group.  For the most part, everyone was nice and respectful of others.  And there were those from around the world where if they were known to be an Atheist, they were simply, shall we say, "Toast."

What I'm wondering now, is should I go back on Facebook with a page where I'm an open atheist, or just, well, let it go?

Or should I just be one of those who just uses Facebook to stay in contact with old friends and family?

Funny thing, if Facebook wasn't free, I'm sure the membership would drop like a rock.  Remember when MSN started to charge people for having access to the "Adult" groups?   Their excuse was there was a "new" law, but let us face the real facts..... it ate up bandwidth....

I've no idea if the groups like that even exist anymore of MSN... but it is rather funny that when you start to hit people in the pocketbook have fast they run away...

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Comment by Michael Penn on May 28, 2014 at 6:35am

I avoid Facebook. (Or is that FaceF**k?) People have even been killed for "unfriending" someone. Now how frigging stupid is that? I suppose that openly being atheist on there attracks people. All the ignorant fundies think that by being atheist you are "attacking them or their god."



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