Woof, Woof!!…aggressive atheism on the prowl.

I am coming across more and more news articles containing the phrase ‘aggressive atheism’. My first response was to consider whether this is just the media creating a story out of nothing, but then I have noticed that Christian groups, including the liberal types have jumped on the band wagon and are flouting this term about, as if it shows that atheism is a nasty thing!! Yeh, right…..look!, look!, an aggressive atheist with science books under his arm ….....lock up your children, run for your lives!!!

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Comment by Loren Miller on October 22, 2011 at 9:51am

"Aggressive Atheism" - yet another epithet used by believers who are aghast to discover that there are non-believers out there who are fully capable and willing to defend their positions - frequently successfully! - against the theistic BS being peddled as unvarnished truth by those who like to thump their bibles.

For the longest time, atheism as a phenomenon (in the US at least) was in the closet, not much heard from.  You can check me on this, but it seems that 9/11 blew that closet door wide open.  People began examining the motivations of the terrorists, and then the examination expanded to all religions.  It may be that I'm fulla beans on this apparent sea change, but in any case, the likelihood of atheism going back in said closet is microscopic at best.

Now theists are faced with serious, active challengers, many of them for the first time in their memory.  It should be no great surprise that some of 'em run home, crying, "Mommy, Mommy!  The big, bad, aggressive atheist told me I was WRONG!" [Loren groans and sighs.]  Certainly at least some of our opposition is working to become more sophisticated through all of this ... but there are still the sheeple and those who see persecution around every corner who will take their lost ground as an excuse for labeling this new Big Bad Wolf as "aggressive."


Are atheists aggressive?  Depends on how you want to define the term.  At the least, I would call a goodly number of us "assertive."  We make a point of knowing our stuff and when confronted, we don't back down.  We have examples like Dawkins and Hitchens and Harris for reference and support, and at times, some of them are downright aggressive, or might be through some eyes.

So maybe some of us are aggressive - so what?  If the theists we face don't like it (mostly because they're being confronted with the lie that is their belief), they can find the door to the kitchen and leave.  Personally, I don't mind the heat.

Comment by Maruli Marulaki on October 22, 2011 at 8:19am
maybe some of what is perceived as agressive atheism is more some form of 'nausea atheism'.   I wonder how many people share with me the nausea of just being sick and tired of even hearing or reading such obsolete and meaningless words like god, jesus, holy, prayer over and over without any way of keeping this nonsense away.   It is like with flies.   One fly once in a while usually does not annoy people, but if there is a swarm buzzing around, they can be really such a nuisance, that it triggers angry reactions.



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