Word Challenge: Rhyming "-ation" 20 times

Writing prompts are a popular way to get aspiring poets to write SOMETHING. The following was a "writing prompt" word challenge, using 20 words that end with "ation". This particular prompt was a bit limiting: because of the "-ation" rhymes at the end of all lines, I had to write this poem in trochaic -- instead of iambic -- tetrameter. The "ation" sound is a trochee, not an iamb. Additionally, these 20 words range between 2 and 5 syllables apiece and complicates rhythm. The other constraint is, of course, shoehorning a theme into somebody else's 20-rhyme scheme.

Here's the original challenge:

--- "Everett Gavel" wrote: > > Alright, so, what can you come up with using all 20 of > these rhyming words? And no, what you come up with > doesn't have to rhyme. ;-) > > Come on, give it a go:
> station
> relation
> education
> manipulation
> degradation
> castration
> cessation
> gestation
> libration
> oration
> alteration
> aspiration
> calculation
> correlation
> excavation
> inclination
> integration
> obfuscation
> orchestration
> assimilation
> Write Away, Right Away!
> Everett

And here's my response . . .

Hi Everett and All,

Hmmmm . . . you're trying to stump me! Rhyming "ation" 20 times won't sound pretty. Here's my entry, inspired by religious fundamentalists and the countries they've ruined (or threaten to).

It's written in trochaic tetrameter.

Fundamentalist Nation

I deliver this oration
to reveal the correlation
between age-old obfuscation
and our human degradation.

I decry the aspiration,
of cynical calculation,
conspired in orchestration,
to subjugate education.

Curiosity's cessation,
intellectual castration:
beware this manipulation
designed for assimilation.

Ideas exit gestation
subject to much alteration;
an honest mental libration
of a questing inclination.

Doesn't matter what your station,
intelligence or relation,
learning is an excavation
and knowledge, its integration.

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Comment by Atheist Exile on April 27, 2009 at 8:44am
Hi Angie,

I could have sworn I commented on "Cult" already . . . but now I don't see it posted here!?!

Anyway, thanks for your contribution. I really liked it. The ending was a surprise to me :-).
Comment by Angie Jackson on April 26, 2009 at 8:40pm
Great challenge - My attempt is below, with the added word "memorization". Also, I used "liberation" rather than "libration".


Emotional manipulation
Endless and without cessation
With no inclination for assimilation
A peon's station of degradation
With little hope of liberation
Death to aspiration
Group-thought integration
Truth lost in obfuscation
Endless memorization, a nonsense education
Misanthropic male castration
Worshiping the sacred gestation
Charismatic deranged oration
Minds buried without excavation
Control in ritual, orchestration
Reality presented with severe alteration
Insanity and intent - correlation or calculation?
My grandmother, my dear relation
Comment by Atheist Exile on April 12, 2009 at 10:01am
Hi Dannyisme,

Thanks for your piece. Nobody writes poems with a single rhyme . . . it just doesn't work. But it's fun to take on a challenge. :-)

I would have chosen different "-ation" words. For instance, I'd never heard of "libration" before. I had to look up the definition, so that I could use the word properly. It turns out that Everett had intended to use the word, "liberation", but made a typo that also happened to be a legitimate word.

He usually posts word challenges with a variety of rhymes but for some reason, used a single rhyme (20 times) in this particular challenge. I'll be posting another response to one of Everett's word challenges in my next blog post.



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