I am so worked up right now. Sick, angry, sad, pissed off and shaking, Baby!
Just came from the showing of the documentary "All God's Children" at Goss Memorial Church.
This film shows some of the abuse that missionary children endured at the hands of "God's people" at the boarding school they were required to attend while their missionary parents went about building a goddam church in Africa.

This is very similar to the abuse at a Southern Baptist reform school I survived called "New Bethany" in Louisiana. Which is similar to the abuse in the news lately about the Irish reform schools run by the Catholics.

It sickens me the resistance of the hierarchy to any investigations, let alone actions taken regarding these accusations and subsequent findings.

One woman who attended the showing stood up during the questions and reported that she was a pastor's daughter. She went on to say her father had beaten her almost daily. She stated her father was a good man, in that he would visit the sick, take parishioners to appointments and generally help out whenever needed. But he had no time nor patience for her. She said once, on a Saturday, he broke her nose! Since she was the church pianist, there she was in front for everyone to see.
And what did her father do? He pointed to her and told the congregation, "Look! This is what happens to little girls who don't obey their parents. If you cannot keep your own household in line, how can you keep a congregation in line with God?".
She went on to say this was the first she had ever spoken out about it, except to her friend who attended the film showing tonight. Mind you, she is in her 70s!
So her question was, since she didn't speak out about the abuse because she feared it would keep somebody from perhaps knowing God, weren't the people who were showing this documentary perhaps hurting the church? Might not they keep somebody from God?
To which they replied that the truth cannot hurt God, and that the churches need to step up and not sweep this under the rug. That the hiding the truth is what hurts the church. Protecting the children is what is more important.

I am thinking, to hell with this preacher's daughter's entire congregation where she grew up. Their pastor pointed out he had broken his daughter's nose and not one stood up for her!
Oh, she did say that she thanked God for her mother, who was an angel.
Yeah, some angel, letting her daughter get beaten.

I called my mom after the film. I said that I was at the church where she and my dad met, and had just seen this film (as Goss Memorial was a sponsor along with other area churches of the missionaries who went to Africa and of the school).
Mom asked if I'd heard about the abuse at the Irish schools and I said I had. "Oh, isn't it terrible? All those poor kids!"
I agreed that it is terrible, and wait until the book and movie about New Bethany come out. (I've lately told her of the stuff that went on in Louisiana). She just was apathetic about it, saying, "well..." and that was it.
I told her the more these stories are told, the more it comes out, the fewer children, I hope, will suffer at the hands of these people.
So I hung up and drove home.

Here is the website for the All God's Children film and information:
All God's Children

I'm sucking a beer and practicing breathing.

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Comment by Kitty on July 27, 2009 at 7:10am
Cliff, the url is http://allgodschildrenthefilm.com/

Also, I"m with you on the educating the children in your life. You've done them more good than we can imagine! When my grandkids talk about stories from Bible School, I bring up Dr Seuss. They're learning to equate this way!
Comment by Kitty on May 24, 2009 at 4:52pm
So true, John, so true.
If you'd like to see excerpts of the film:
All God's Children
Comment by John Shuey on May 24, 2009 at 12:53pm
What was it Steven Weinberg said? "Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."

I suspect that the most invidious thing about religion is that it provides both a hiding place and legitimacy for truly despicable people.
Comment by Kitty on May 24, 2009 at 5:02am
Thanks, Cranky! Mom will do that when something is unpleasant. After all, how does she come to grips that when she thought she was sending me to be "reformed and redeemed" she was actually setting me up for years of therapy?

I am a free and happy person, but when I think of all the things being done, right now to this day, to children, it sickens me. These folks who hurt children are immune to prosecution, very often. The state does nothing due to not wanting to get involved in religious wars.
But the more who speak out, the fewer children will be subjected.

It's morning now and I'm on my way to volunteer at WCRSonline.org. We read printed material (newspapers, magazines, books, etc) to the blind on the air. There are ways of living that involve helping others, and it has NOTHING to do with a perceived god! vive la life!
Comment by Little Name Atheist on May 24, 2009 at 2:21am
Damn. It sounds like your mom is deep in denial. I'm sorry to hear she isn't acknowledging how painful this all is for you.



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