I still have my after high school job. I was supposed to get my raise a while ago, but it didn't happen. I make less money than all the other shift managers at my restaurant. I get paid $1.40 over minimum wage something tells me that I could be making a lot more money.
They did an inspection during my shift and told me all the extra things they want me to do. I thought I was doing my best. They didn't even notice the extra things I did. The thing that pisses me off most was that I got in trouble for a food safety sheet that wasn't done on a day I don't even work!
Another manager asked how much I made when I told him he said another manager that he doesn't think does half the work I do, is getting a $1 more an hour. I've been there a lot longer, and have been a manager longer.
I also get hit on constantly by a coworker. I told him that I am taken, he still makes creepy advances on me. Upper management won't do anything. I have had two instances of this with other people.
I think that it might be quitting time. I'm trying to wrack up applications and get a better job. The problem is I don't have a car because I can't afford one right now. Things are getting really tight between rent and paying for school. Any ways, fast food isn't for me anyways. I just don't have any good ideas where else to go. I want to do something closer to my major, which is photography.

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Comment by Hekate Moon on June 7, 2009 at 4:29pm
I am a photography student. Most likely I will start out as an assistant of some sort. Right now, I am just doing free-lance stuff.



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