Would John Oxendine represent all Georgians?

John Oxendine is a Republican candidate for the Governor of Georgia. In this blog post, I raise serious questions about just who the Ox would represent were he elected.

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Comment by Woody Bass on July 25, 2009 at 9:42pm
Well just to clarify... I dont think you can please everyone all the time... but you can certainly try. I am not sure Oxendine (and most politicians) even try... they are so concerned with obtaining their party's approval... which I personally detest anyway.

And I am not anti-Oxendine perse... and I certainly do not plan on singling him out. There are no Independents so no one would get my nod of approval anyway.
Comment by Daniel W on July 25, 2009 at 9:21pm

Amazing, all I have to do is type "McCain/you-know-who into a post, and the google-ad pops up with this! Or was it the "fetus-Americans" comment. Sorry, it's off topic, but too strange to pass up! Good luck with your campaign against toxendine oops, I mean Oxendine.
Comment by Daniel W on July 25, 2009 at 9:16pm

Seems to me that Mr. Oxendine will bring representation for fetus-Americans. More specificically, fetus-Georgians. Of course, they don't have the vote yet.

Do any politicians really represent "all" of the people?

Maybe we think in theory they should. But most are elected with a particular agenda, by a majority but not 'all' of the people. To say that GW Bush ever represented "me" would make me want to suicide. He represented a particular segment of the American population (including the fuckheads that were too lazy to vote, let alone vote against him), and used the presidency as a mechanism to forward their agenda.

Now, Mr. Obama represents a somewhat different slice of America, who voted him into office because they either agreed with his agenda, or at least liked the idea of him more than they liked the idea of McCain/you-know-who.

The big question is how many Georgians think that Mr. Oxendine speaks their language. Given recent voting patterns, does he have to be found in bed with a dead woman or live boy, to lose the election? Or is there a chance for a non-religious-right candidate?


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