Pennsylvania legislators recently adopted a resolution that among other things encourages Pennsylvanians to study the tenets of the Bible and says there is a "national need to study and apply scripture." The Freedom from Religion Foundation filed suit charging that the resolution violates the "separation of church and state."

The lawyers will handle that fight and more than likely, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives will receive a lesson in Constitutional law. Meanwhile, the idea that the Bible has anything constructive to say about life and living struggles after nearly 2,000 years of Christian conflict, war and terrorism.

Politics and Christianity contributed mightily to the fall of the Roman Empire and that was after years of internal fighting among the various Christian groups in and around Rome. Obviously, the Bible beaters in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives know nothing about the millions slaughtered in the name of Christianity during the Arian, Novatian, Donatist, and Albigensian heresies. This all happened while Christianity was still brand new and consolidated by force. Then came the Crusades.

Christians spent from 1100-1600 slaughtering Muslims and rival Christians during a period known as the Crusades, which the Keystone State representatives may or may not know of since it is history. Hordes of Bible believing followers with special dispensation murdered and raped their way to the Holy Land and back in the name of God.

They might know about the Inquisition that lasted into the 1800's. Perhaps, the Protestant Reformation might ring a bell. Millions were tortured and killed during that shameful period. Christian colonialism aided with the extermination of nearly 20 million Native Americans. Once the slaughter of the natives landowners, the Bible helped account for millions of slaves brought to the country as "free" labor. A war was necessary to override biblical sanction of slavery.

Surely, they must know about Northern Ireland, where Protestants and Catholics took turns murdering each other. What about Bosnia? What about a preemptive war with Iraq, after a president inspired by God decided to commit troops in a war that killed thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Muslims.

Christian terrorist groups operate around the world. They give themselves a variety of names, but they are not new. In ancient Rome, groups of men surreptitiously roamed the streets assaulting and murdering members of other Christian sects, a sure way to eliminate the competition. Over the centuries, Christian terror groups organized to punish and frighten those with differing religious views, racial backgrounds and points of origins.

From Romania and India to Uganda and the United States, Christian terrorist groups exist around the world. In the United States, the Ku Klux Klan is is just one such Christian organization. There are other organizations and individuals such as those that spurred the killing of abortion doctors.

There is nothing in the actions of US Christians that indicates Bible study improves moral behavior. In fact, in the instances of racism, hatred, misogyny, child-abuse and the mistreatment of females, there is evidence the Bible makes the behavior even worse. Although the Bible contains many instances of positivity and love, it also packs an equal amount of mayhem and murder, as well as commands that if followed today would result in long jail sentences or lethal injections.

The Year of the Bible? Humbug! The world has suffered under 2,000 years of the Bible and Pennsylvania legislators would do well to remember. Also, as of yet, no major research facility, hospital or laboratory has announced a cure for stupidity.

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