So it is election year.

And they are pandering to the "Religious Nuts" in America.

I see all these states passing these "Religious Liberty" laws.

They are so unconstitutional.

And they will get overturned in the Federal Courts.

So I look at these "laws" and I feel that the politicians who make them, and pass them, are the ones who should have to pay all the legal costs incurred when they land in the Federal Courts.

And why not?

Don't these states have attorneys who can look at these "laws" and tell them, "IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!"  And "YOU'RE GONNA END UP IN THE FEDERAL COURTS BECAUSE OF THESE LAWS AND THEY WILL BE STRUCK DOWN!"

And with the number of lawyers holding public office, one would tend to reason they should have stepped up and shot them down.

But hey, they are not the one's footing the legal costs for this.



But HEY!....

That's just me....

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Comment by Joan Denoo on April 24, 2016 at 11:49am

The racist Aryan Nation of the 1970's sounded like the religious fundamentalists of the present. Citizens fought the Aryans with every option we could imagine and what brought them down was the lawsuits that bankrupted them. The Aryan Nation moved out, but not the thinking and acting of the members who supported them. They remain, much as a vicious dog remains subdued until they rise again. Like Freedom, the struggle against racists never ends. 

Comment by tom sarbeck on April 24, 2016 at 12:55am

Rick, that was the Dover case in Pennsylvania. You described it well and a search on Dover and "intelligent design" will find it. One of the school board minions narrowly escaped a perjury charge.

Shit happens, and for a while after it happens voters remember.

Last December was its tenth anniversary. The National Center for Science Education, and probably the Pennsylvania ACLU too, celebrated it.

Comment by Rick on April 23, 2016 at 2:56pm

Can't remember the book I read it in, but a few years ago some batsh*t crazy preacher decided to save the world and get Intelligent Design shoved down the people's throats in his local school district.

So he gets his minions to get on the school board.

Well, it ends up in the Federal Courts in, of course, a lawsuit.

Well all the Religious Nuts show up to watch the proceedings.

They are there in the thousand dollar suits, coiffed hair, manicured fingernails with the clear polish on the nails and bleached teeth.

Well, before you know it the people of the School District have had enough and here comes election time. They vote four of the five off the board. They can't vote the fifth off because he is not up for reelection.  But I can tell you he was gone after the next election.

AND WHAM!  The school board drops the suit.

The Religious Nuts leave.  Off to the next crusade.

Well, it seems the Federal Judge who presided over the trial gives an interview a couple of years later.

Seems his father had been a Methodist minister.

He admits that during the trial he knew the school board was going to lose and lose big time.  He knew that the school district due to the lose was going to be put into bankruptcy.  THE ENTIRE SCHOOL DISTRICT WAS GOING TO BE BANKRUPT BY THE RELIGIOUS CRAZY MINIONS OF THAT BATSH*T CRAZY PREACHER.

And there was nothing he could do about it.

If I have my way, that religious minions of that preacher would have been hauled into court and sued to recover the entire cost of the court case.

But they won't ever happen.

Comment by tom sarbeck on April 22, 2016 at 2:06am

I agree, Rick.

The amounts taxpayers pay are considerable, often in six figures and often by the taxpayers of local school districts when school board majorities put creationism into their schools.

Failing to keep church and state separated can be expensive.

Several years ago xians tried to get Congress to repeal the "loser pays" rule.

Happily, enough people were paying attention and even in a Republican-controlled House the attempt failed.

Comment by Michael Penn on April 13, 2016 at 8:37pm

I agree but it just won't happen. One thing that is going on here is what I call "the death throws." Religion of any type wants you to believe their apologists, preachers, imams, and scholars. This is because real knowledge is at your fingertips today. You may learn the truth but the superstitious go to great lengths to tell you they have it. Everybody else is wrong.

The religious want to get a few more laws in play, as if their god had anything at all to do with laws. It's ignorant!



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