You are nontheist but are you green?

The population is growing fast and we all need energy.  Are you an energy conscious person? Since we are all believers in truth, reality and scientific methods what is your belief in energy?

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Comment by Earther on March 14, 2011 at 9:24pm
I am not an expert but my own common sense would tell me to put a flat piece of foam down first like the blue 4x8x1 sheets at the hardware store and then put something dense over top like a sheet of exterior plywood to prevent rot.
Comment by Earther on March 14, 2011 at 3:16pm

Did you know that if your hot water heater is sitting on the concrete floor of a basement you can save heating cost if you set the hot water heater on top of a peice of insulation foam?

Comment by Rob van Senten on March 14, 2011 at 11:11am

since we are all believers in truth, reality and scientific methods


Well, I would like to think so but my experience has taught me that we're just non-believers in god(s). You and I might agree on the necessity of the scientific model to gain any justifiable beliefs, but that does not include all atheists.


My belief in Energy, hmmmm...

I am extremely annoyed by how people believe that they are being green because they bought a Prius! Oh really? You just bought a car with 120kg of batteries that was produced halfway around the world with parts that were shipped from all 4 corners of the world to the production facility before they shipped it another couple of thousands of miles before it entered the showroom. Your green car would have used more CO2 by just getting to your doorstep then you would produce in a couple of years with a crappy gas guzzling SUV. 


Personal transportation is responsible for a tiny fraction of CO2 emissions in comparison to other forms of transportation, generating energy is even "filthier" and refineries around the world produce so much CO2 that anything that you save at all is like a mosquito pissing into the ocean. 


I don't mind to do my share so to speak, but I get extremely annoyed when feeling "green" means that you spend some money on a new car, use that car inefficiently (using it for commuting to work all by yourself in a 4 person car for instance)  but still be able to think of yourself as part of the solution and not the problem. 


Fuck that shit. I'm part of the problem.

My house being equipped with "green" lightbulbs and the fact that I use public transportation to get to work doesn't mean much in the overall picture. 

Comment by FeminAtheist Mumbo Jumbo on March 14, 2011 at 9:28am

Before I reply, I should mention that I bought a fixer-upper in a short sale in June of 2009. 


I have all energy efficient bulbs in my home.  We made the switch as a cost savings measure.  We also got a programmable thermostat to reduce our heating and cooling bill.  Last summer we had new windows and siding put on and they have helped a LOT in our heating and cooling costs too.  We had 1 full year in a home built in 1975 with no upgrades, and since we have gotten this far in our remodeling the cost savings has been very noticeable.


My personal thoughts that if saving money in the long run also means we are conserving resources, why wouldn't everyone want to do this?  I guess I approach the topic of "energy" from a Less Is More mindset.



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