Young Earth Creationism & Intelligent Design, should be considered as "Information Terrorism" and treated as such!

The US government should declare Young Earth Creationism as a danger to the minds of U.S. citizens and ban it as "Information Terrorism".

As Young Earth Creationism and its offshoot, Intelligent Design, is anti-information and anti-knowledge which as in Terrorism, they use fear and intimidation to gain converts and indoctrinate children.

Even Ken Ham demonstrates this in his "Raising Godly Children in an UnGodly World" series of lectures and book, where he condones brainwashing, torture and segregation to indoctrinate children into such nonsense.

Thus the US Government should treat YEC/ID as it would any other Terrorism.

It should force State Governments to ignore any Lobby pushing YEC/ID policies and mandates, regardless of the funding behind such Lobbies.

It should investigate current loopholes that enable schools and institutions to teach and even for publishers to publish YEC/ID literature and close those up. 

As publishing such literature could be considered an act of Information Terrorism.

It should put out a public recommendation to avoid YEC/ID ideas and show videos demonstrating how their claims are indeed nonsense.

With locking down YEC/ID groups and blocking their access to the public, as well as public education campaigns.

With in 5 years, the would have destroyed any chance of YEC/ID gaining any position of influence.

As well as this:

They would have helped in  drastically raising the average knowledge, intelligence and education of the entire nation.

It's a Win-Win strategy.

Some other references:

Even "Time" magazine equates YEC/ID with Jihad type Terrorism.,9171,1555132,00.html

Who's in agreement?

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Comment by jay H on January 10, 2015 at 6:42am

I am very much NOT in agreement.

Keeping them out of public schools is one thing, and that's fine. But government control over what people believe (no matter how stupic) is far down the road to authoritarianism. When the government can tell you what to believe, you can be darned sure it will eventually expand that function into areas that will horrify you. It's only a small step from banning creationism as a subject for discussion to banning criticism of the government's policies.  And when different politicians get into power, too easy to ban what they don't like (including atheism).

Dyslexic: "that is why I suggested using Anti-Terrorism laws, as they go beyond normal civil liberty legislation."

The 'anti terrorism' laws are downright unconstitutional and one of the biggest threats to our freedom  in society in a long time. They need to be fought, not used for 'our ends'

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on January 3, 2015 at 3:26pm

Yes Michael, they are struggling to keep youth, the same goes for Christianity and Islam in Egypt, which is why the Egyptian Government and  Young Earth Creationism/Intelligent Design are allowing / promoting / implementing the use of punishment and mind control / brainwashing to keep children/youth from straying.

Ken Ham demonstrated this in his "Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly world" campaign.

It is also in many of the ID homeschooling instructions.

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on January 3, 2015 at 3:15pm

True Grinning, that is why I suggested using Anti-Terrorism laws, as they go beyond normal civil liberty legislation. Terrorists lose many of the civil liberties and freedom of speech rights that exist for normal citizens. Because Terrorist activities are all about creating division and inciting hatred.  Which is exactly what Young Earth Creationism is about.

Inciting division in the community and inciting hatred towards genuine knowledge and education.

Thus it too is Terrorism.

I agree booklover, though putting the idea out there for others to ponder is a worthwhile exercise, thus my blog.

In some way a person with a more intelligent mind than my own and with more influence may find a way to at least go 80% of the way, towards this goal, and that would likely doom YEC/ID to the dustbin.


Comment by Michael Penn on January 3, 2015 at 2:29pm

I agree but some will think they have civil liberties to do this. The Good News Club does similar things and wanted to be in your public school, but now is after hours and just close to your schools because of impending laws. Followers want to entice your 8 year olds and tell them they are sinners and going to hell. This is encouraged even if the parents are against it, but the organization is gaining respect even at state levels. I can only imagine the same thing happening with YEC/ID until finally children are encouraged to meet secretly even if the parents object. This explosive situation would only come to a head and face legal ramifications only when a parent barges in to forcefully remove their child. Look for it because this crap is getting this involved right now. It is coming, but what they hope for is to quietly sing the parents to sleep.

Why is this all so? Why is it coming? Religion has nowhere to go. If they cannot convert the young and gain new converts they might die out. They are afraid. (Of course, you know they are doing this because they do not want Johnny's soul to go to hell.)

Comment by Grinning Cat on January 3, 2015 at 9:52am

I would love to see the US government mount an effective public education campaign ridiculing and refuting young Earth creationism and "intelligent design"! Something that would vaccinate minds against that pernicious nonsense. If they can encourage seat belt use and discourage smoking....

The government should not try to "block their access to the public" or to publishers, though. Freedom of speech applies to ignoranimuses too. (I love how Bugs Bunny's slip of the tongue applies perfectly to "motivated unreasoning"!) And let's not forget that plenty of religious politicians would love to "protect" children from the "diabolical temptation" of freethinking and nontheism.



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