Today as every other Sunday, blinded troops of sheeps around the nation are gathering in churches to "pray the word of the lord". For hours, countless number of people will be carefully listening the BS of a guy in a $1500 suit holding a brochure that says "Financial Wisdom and Jesus" hoping that next week will be better through the "will of The creator" (...have you seen I put the cap on the The and not creator? You noticed right? Good).


Well, though I love the idea that for few hours the street are clean from religious imbeciles, I wonder what are we, Atheists, doing? How productive our sunday morning is? What is it that we do that fulfill us as people using reason to decide on what our sunday is going to look like?


Are you staying in bed with a loved one?

Are you getting ready for your morning workout?

Are you working or getting ready for work?

Are you volunteering in a shelter?

Are you going to church (Wait what?!)

Are you playing video games?

Are calling your dad because it is father's day? (Holy Lord! I forgot to call my dad)

Or your mom because you just realized you also forgot mother's day.

Or maybe you are watching Hulu or other evil instrument of procrastination?


I am personally watching some religious tv shows because it improves my sales skills, so my question to you guys: "What is your Atheist Sunday? "



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Comment by amanda alexander on June 19, 2011 at 10:06am

I and my husband are playing "Alice:Madness returns" and I am also playing around on the computer and watching my cats run through the house attacking eachother ^.^ A perfect atheist Sunday.


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