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At 9:37pm on May 12, 2011, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…
Greetings, Lori! I notice you haven't been active at Atheist Nexus lately. A woman with your brains and talent. <sigh> Sometimes AN can seem a bit fragmented, with different groups for every interest. Please consider a group for socializing, where we talk about whatever's on our minds, Hang With Friends. :D You might feel more at home.
At 7:54am on November 25, 2008, DaVinci said…
Welcome to the Nexus, Lori. I hope to read all your posts today. Looking forward to meeting you on the intertubes.
At 1:59pm on November 19, 2008, RogAgainst said…
hi lori, i guess i meant it sounded very long winded for a introductory comment on someones page. :-)

I'll have to check your books out for sure. I tend to go through about 2-3 books a month. Currently reading Dan Barkers new one as well as Guy P. Harrisons new book.
At 9:21pm on November 17, 2008, Fat Old Sun said…
Hello Lori. I am involved with several local Meet-Up groups, and will be joining Seattle Atheists in a few weeks after we move across the water to Port Orchard. I hate to sign up for things and then have to change all my contact info right away.
At 11:40am on November 15, 2008, Ronald G. said…
Yes, I'll add you as well. After all, we're neighbors, in more ways than one. I spent some 20 years in LA, but I figured out the Santa Claus scam on my own before Mom && Dad dropped the bomb by telling me it was a facade.
At 9:05pm on November 14, 2008, Auntie Meggles said…
Thank you so much! I got it at Sacred Soul Tattoo in Renton, Wa. I really can't ever say enough about them, they are awesome. My Dad is going there now for his tattoo. I would recommend them to anybody.
At 8:35pm on November 14, 2008, Lori Stephens said…
Roger - that's a huge expose? You should see the volume of my writings after a few cups of coffee. :-)

I like Wallingford a lot, as well as the big troll in Fremont.
At 11:19am on November 14, 2008, Eli said…
Thanks for the nice comment on my page, to answer your question, yes Religulous did play in Portalnd ,but only at one of the downtown indie-film theaters, keeping my young-child-in-the-house.bound self away from it. So I'm stuck waiting for it to come out on video. Joe, our "news guru" on the podcast did see it and I think his comments on it are in episode 4 or 5.
At 1:16pm on November 13, 2008, RogAgainst said…
Hi lori, thanks for adding me. I'm a musician, so at the time i felt that a degree that revolved around the music industry would be best. My Bachelors degree is in Entertainment Industry Management/Commercial Music. I used the degree for about six months to work in a music publishing office in nashville. After that, i realized that a.) i hated the monotony and boredom i had while working there and felt that the job didn't really do anything meaningful for me and b.) had decided to tour full time in a band, which i've done since 03 to present. I'm currently thinking of going back to school to do environmental law though and getting out of touring and music.

I currently live in seattle in the wallingford district.

p.s. sorry i just wrote a huge expose on myself haha.
At 1:45pm on November 12, 2008, Mike Layfield said…
Hi Lori and welcome to Atheist Nexus. Lovely to see you, as always. Please stop by the Naturalism group one of these days and say hello.

At 5:10am on November 12, 2008, BADWOLF said…
seriously why post the same thing everywhere on this site - seems like a self promotion to me and you find most athiest only website members wont like that at all and if your going to do it please use a diffrent name and just give a link to it dont put the dam review into the post.
althought your book does sound interesting to me at the least and is worth a look at



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