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At 9:33pm on May 16, 2011, Antonio Chambers said…
At 11:52pm on May 14, 2011, Joseph P said…

Well, it's more like when I get my stuff together to the point that it's worth recording and posting.  First thing's first.

There's definitely something about humiliating material.  Most of my relationship material is putting myself in as the focus of the joke.  Strangely, though, I find it easier to do in front of a room of strangers than to do in front of friends.  Maybe I'm just weird.

Oh, and you like slash fiction.  So, what about fem-slash fiction?  :-D

At 3:03pm on May 13, 2011, Joseph P said…

Cool, so you're on your way to being a corrupting influence already.  :-D


There's a reason that my profile says something about being in the I.T. field, trying to get out of that and into a more artistic pursuit.  I forget the exact wording, since I haven't looked at it in a while.

I've got about an hour worth of material put together.  I'm still working on memorization and presentation.  I haven't recorded anything yet because I'm not clean enough in my delivery.  I'll get some stuff up on YouTube once I get to that point.  The past month hasn't been kind for focusing on getting somewhere.  Between work and random social stuff, I've had most of my weekends used up, and evenings have barely been better.

I'm not sure I could single out a particular comedian.  I like so many for various reasons.  Some of those at the top of my list would be George Carlin, Lewis Black, Ron White, Ricky Gervais, Jeff Dunham ... uhhhhh, hmm, Larry Miller.  Those are the big ones that come to mind.


Sure, I'll send the request after I send this.


I touch on perverse subjects at times, but I stick to a bit more abstract presentations.  I've seen comedians mimic painful bowel movements or vocalize sexual activity and such on stage.

I don't get that grotesque.  I like to mock groups like furries ... then turn around and toss out my own perversions, with a sort of "What?  This is perfectly normal!  I'm not a pervert!  Screw you!" kind of demeanor.  I do a lot of self-mockery in my routine.

At 5:56pm on May 10, 2011, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…
Hi again, Indira. I liked Odin Zeus's power graph too.
I just started a new group, where people can talk about anything on their minds, Hang With Friends. You can search for it in groups under "latest" groups. Please consider joining. :D
At 1:33pm on May 10, 2011, Joseph P said…

Well, I got used to the weird looks a long time ago.  Just because it's expected that men will be more perverse doesn't stop people from looking at you funny.


For that matter, in the performance of my standup material, if I'm not getting at least a few odd looks, I'm doing something wrong.  Standing up on stage and talking about twisted sexual subjects requires a certain indifference to others' opinions of you.

At 11:28pm on May 9, 2011, Joseph P said…

Why do you need an excuse?  Being perverted is its own reward.  Besides, look around online a little, and you can find a few thousand who share your perversion, no matter how obscure.  Heck, I've found a group of people who share my weirdest fantasy/fetish, and it's kind of odd and obscure.


The expectation that guys will be more perverse and its cultural acceptance is just a result of time.  The more people are exposed to it, the more they accept it.  So, be out there and be weird, and people will get used to you.  :-D

At 9:06pm on May 9, 2011, Joseph P said…
Heh, true.  Mine always is, too ... but I'm male, so it's expected.
At 11:02am on May 9, 2011, Joseph P said…
Heh, that's not THAT perverted, unless you're into way more than slash fiction.  My girlfriend reads tons of the stuff, too.  Strangely, I don't share her interest, but there's far stranger stuff out there.
At 6:18pm on May 7, 2011, Dr. Terence Meaden said…

Hello Indira Lavannya Guthey, and welcome to this rational world of Internet atheism---a haven from the superstitions and fictional god of the masses. 

"Well-founded common sense inevitably leads to atheism."

We invite you to make good friends by joining the busy group "ORIGINS: Universe, Astronomy, Life, Earth, Humans, Religion, Gods, Atheism, Evolution, Darwin..." with its 450 discussion topics and 2600 members.

Terence Meaden

At 2:39pm on May 7, 2011, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…
Neat! :) Also, you know a lot more smiley keyboard symbols than I do. Is there a website where I could learn more? One thing I don't like about Atheist Nexus is the lack of smileys.
At 11:44am on May 7, 2011, Brent Feeney said…
Same to you!! =)
At 10:40am on May 7, 2011, Ken said…
Hello and welcome to AN.  We are certainly glad to have you join us.
At 3:11pm on May 6, 2011, Brent Feeney said…
Welcome aboard! =)  Hope you're doing well today!!!
At 2:55pm on May 6, 2011, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…
Hi and Welcome, Indira. What's a Slash supporter?



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