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At 7:39am on August 18, 2018, Bexs said…

thanks for the welcome....

At 9:24am on July 17, 2018, Bertold Brautigan said…

I'd look at the book as more of a fun reference than something you'd plow through. Warren is one hell of a writer though.

At 2:04pm on May 8, 2018, OrionWolf said…

Hello Loren! I believe the issue is fixed. Thank you again for the help!

At 1:48pm on May 8, 2018, OrionWolf said…

Thank you for taking the tie to write to me Loren and for letting me know of such error on my blog. I am currently working to fix this issue. It is strange but I am contacting Google to see if the can help with the issue.

Greetings and hope all is well!

At 3:24am on May 7, 2018, Marianne Seals-Vahrenholt said…

Hello everyone!!!

I am still very happy to be here!! :)

Lots of Greetings from abroad!! ♥

At 12:18am on April 24, 2018, Prasenjit Konar said…

Namaste...Thank you so much!

At 12:05pm on April 23, 2018, Jim Gardner said…

Thanks..Glad I found this site..

At 1:46pm on April 8, 2018, Vine said…
Thanks for the welcome, Loren. I agree that there's nothing wrong with fantasy for fun. Unfortunately, the line between fantasy and delusion seems very thin, and people often cross that line without realizing it. One example is the admirer who becomes a stalker. Another is the "casual Christian" (which I once was, having been raised that way) who becomes an evangelical.
At 12:48pm on February 18, 2018, shane clark said…

Thanks for the welcome Loren,Greetings to all from New Zealand, it's currently 7.45 am Monday morning....so if you want to know the future???? just ask me :-).  oh and by the way....jesus is coming....its pissing down with rain here at the moment....see infalible proof, anyone got a towel?

 i look forward to learning more of Dan Barker and Jerry De Witt.


all the best people, keep up the good work

best regards shane

At 6:13pm on January 9, 2018, Chris said…

Great quote Loren.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.
-- Upton Sinclair

At 5:36am on January 9, 2018, Marianne Seals-Vahrenholt said…

New friend Loren!

Keep coming back here. Learning, that many people share my frame of mind. Thx a bunch for creating this site.

Everyone have a great 2018!!

Warm greeting from Germany

At 7:53pm on January 4, 2018, Dyslexic's DOG said…

Hi Loren,

Thanks for asking to be my friend.

I may stick around a little longer on A/N this time.

Last time I got overwhelmed by attacking Trump supporters since he started his run for presidency, but now I've settled down a bit, but still have fun stirring them up. :-D   

Thanks M8!  

At 9:32am on December 26, 2017, Chris said…


I agree with every thing you are saying.

"on this statement: but rarely are they utterly reversed upon admittance of further data."

I didn't make a statement that they do.

An unfortunate fact is that many people still believe in Gowd and the Lowered Jesus Christ because of that it's a good idea to know how believers think.

I didn't think of the word 'Truth' the way Raza presented it until I listened to him. 

Consider it a way to understand, if possible The POTUSs Donald Trumps  truthor Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) truth

Mitch McConnel,  Paul Ryan.  The list goes on and on.

They all have access to the same facts as every one else.

Their Truth is different

They and others propose wealth re-distribution to the top 1%  will help the economy and U.S.

There is no evidence it will.

Are they delusional? No.   They know what it's about.

Is the public who subscribes to the notion of  trickle up economic theory delusional?


Pragmatically the R's such as McConnell and Ryan are doing a great job "For themselves and donors." The votors are too ignorant because of  the terrible news media available to be able to make informed descisions at the voting booth. Also because media outlets are nothing other than entertainment with a bunch of political speculators rather than Ambassadors, and University professors or INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS  many don't have enough information to vote.

That's the goal isn't it?

At 8:43am on December 26, 2017, Chris said…

Facts change with new scientific evidence.

Truth is what someone believes in regardless, or contrary  to the the facts. Evolution and climate change denial for example. WMD's in Iraq justified the war may be another truth.  Jesus was a raal person who was born from a virgin and was killed by the Roman empire for being a revolutianary.  After Jesus's death he rose  to heaven and took all the other dead people (throught history and across the little world) with him into heaven Because of Jesus' sacrafice everyone is absolved of original sin. 

Original Sin, or coarse meands god didn't make human't correctly in the first place..

All of that religious nonsense is about 'Truth." 

Aesops fables are about truth as well.  People fortunately, or unfortunately  don't take Aesop as  serious as limited Abrahamic texts put in the Bible, or Coined in the Koran.

At 10:06am on December 25, 2017, Chris said…


Comment by Loren Miller 2 hours ago

A myth may teach a valuable lesson, such as Aesop's Fables without having any basis in reality.  The lesson may be true, but that's as far as it goes.  Aron Ra offers the following definitions:

  • Fact: A point of data which is either not in dispute, or is indisputable in that it is objectively verifiable.
  • Truth: Any statement which has been or can readily be shown to actually be true. Personal testimony, conviction, conjecture, or speculation can turn out to be true, and may even be accepted as true whenever objection seems unwarranted, but no statement should be classed as ‘truth’ until examined and vindicated.

A fact may be said to be an element of "The Truth," and again, Aron has a position on this matter which I find on point:

If you don't care what the facts are, then you don't care what the truth is.
-- Aron Ra

At 9:48pm on December 9, 2017, Yaphet K. Graham said…

Hello Loren, thanks for the greeting. Sorry it took a bit to answer, relatives were over and we were having a good time while freezing our buns off.

At 12:41am on November 27, 2017, Marianne Seals-Vahrenholt said…

Danke!! thx a bunch for having me!!! :o)

At 3:35pm on September 26, 2017, Joan Denoo said…

I'm trying to remember how to get a video into comments without losing height or width. Will you please remind me of the dimensions that work for video? 


At 11:55am on September 11, 2017, Teresa Roberts said…

Who's your muse? LOL

At 1:38pm on August 30, 2017, Patricia said…

Thanks Loren. Hugs back!



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