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At 7:56am on December 27, 2013, Randall Smith said…

I'm the guy that steered you to the "amputee" site!

At 7:27am on December 27, 2013, Randall Smith said…

I guess what gets my goat are the prayers (in church. What an exercise in futility! It's so inane, let alone ridiculous. When that poor Colo. high school student (Clare?) died last week, I couldn't help but wonder what all those people who prayed for her recovery thought. I wonder if anyone decided to reject god?

At 7:30am on December 25, 2013, Randall Smith said…

I don't think being surrounded by a bunch of Hell's Angels is a good time to say " You're a bunch of ugly misfits!".  There was one person that asked me what church I went to. I admitted I didn't go to any because I am not a Christian. "What are you?", she asked. I totally shocked her with the truth!

At 11:06am on December 18, 2013, Steph S. said…

At 7:39pm on December 17, 2013, Steph S. said…

Reason's Greetings!

At 10:50am on November 29, 2013, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…

In response to your comment on my photo of Dr. Shakhova, please see

Abnormal Arctic

And thanks for your interest in my photos.

At 8:59am on November 28, 2013, Daniel W said…
Loren have a happy Thanksgiving!
At 6:52pm on November 25, 2013, Dylan Martin said…

Thanks for telling me about Religion Hurts Humanity...

At 6:38pm on November 12, 2013, Joan Denoo said…

Ouch! strong words ... at last! and from William Dudley, president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. 

Thanks Loren, I am posting on Twitter.

At 3:25pm on October 7, 2013, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…

The baby Chewbacka pic is from Cheezburger. LOL  Half of my posts are from Cheezburger.

At 11:28am on September 23, 2013, Joan Denoo said…

Loren, thanks for the great video! It sends a message all USA citizens need to see. Even though the evidence has been here for many years, many do not realize the condition our nation ... and the world ... is in and we need to make basic changed in our thinking and actions. 

At 5:05pm on August 25, 2013, Tom Neal said…

Thank you for the warm welcome! Glad to be here!

At 11:17pm on August 24, 2013, Joan Denoo said…

Thanks for the lead to Fort Hood - Nidal Malik Hasan trial. Yes, I am extremely interested in this fellow, his thinking and actions.  

At 6:45am on August 1, 2013, Randall Smith said…

I'm not sure what your last question refers to. If it was my last sentence in my previous comment, I should have said, "If ONE wants to be of help, ....". I certainly didn't mean you personally. Are we on th same page? Glad you like the amputee website.

At 7:03am on July 31, 2013, Randall Smith said…

I'm wondering if (and will check on) the website "doesgodhateamputees.com" is still active(?).  And all those prayers on healing, saving, protecting, preventing, etc., --wasted efforts. You're right. If you want to be of help, do something constructive.

At 3:17pm on July 30, 2013, Pat said…

I've been reporting the spammers, as I believe Flying Atheist is also. They bug the living shit out of me.  Glad to know you're doing it also.

At 6:30am on June 20, 2013, William Grant said…

 Loren, my friend, I was thinking of leaving a comment about the JW thing, but, frankly,... I, have had quite enough," help" . Still love those sacred videos though !  Many thanks again.

At 4:53pm on June 19, 2013, Edward Teach said…

Hey Loren,

Good to see you too!

At 12:09pm on June 9, 2013, Joan Denoo said…

The first month, for me, required being near the bathroom and a big supply of clean clothes. That stopped abruptly, and I feel fine now. I have a very limited diet, and it is delicious. No fresh fruits or vegetables, but they taste delicious cooked. In goes a nice chunk of salmon, or shrimp, or cod and I have a totally nutritious meal with all the elements needed to restore health. I have my old vinegar back. The 

At 11:25am on May 15, 2013, Aaron Wayne Mayberry said…

Who couldn't like your style then. Except maybe the mormons...and jws...and christians...and muslims...and scientologists...oh you get the picture!


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