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At 12:59pm on February 3, 2011, Carolyn said…

Ha- yea, it's way more than a train ride, LOL :-)


I hope so!!! I'll keep an eye out for him!

At 5:48pm on February 2, 2011, Carolyn said…
Lmaoooooo!!! Thanks for clarifying that!

Brooklyn is miiiiiiles away fm Iowa; BK is on he coast and Iowa is in the midwest.
At 2:17pm on February 2, 2011, Carolyn said…

OMFG!!!!! *all pun intended*

I agree with you: once their arguments get dismantled (you dismantle them soooooo well btw!!), all they have left are threats of "hell" and violence. Not only are christians credulous, they are extremely sensitive and frequently forget that folks can say/ post/ write about whatever they want! This to me stems from their seemingly universal belief that everyone believes in the Christian “god”, or at the very least some other type of “god”; both beliefs are in my opinion extremely arrogant. And they are sooo emotionally attached to their beliefs- to the point where they would fight or disown someone else for not believing or for even questioning their beliefs?! This behavior is just ludicrous.


Re: being a pest about my attendance or the lack thereof at the conference lol:


I’d totally wear my heels- are you kidding?! LOL! I love my shoes! I joke around and compare myself to a drag queen in them lol. The reason why I probably will not go is money- that funds for that trip could go to my new apartment and new furniture! I know, you think I should go in spite of that, but I’ve recently had to move back home (in late August 2010) and I’ve GOT TO GET OUT!!!!! I desperately need my own space again!

At 7:17pm on February 1, 2011, Carolyn said…
Wow- are you serious?! A FB debate?! Did I miss something today?!? WTF??? Need more details!!

P.S.: I just read your pevious regarding (suuuper late sorry!!). How tall is Dawkins? How tall are you? I'm a tall one, 5'10 in my flats lol. I do wanna go to the conference in Iowa but I'll be apartment hunting/ moving around that time, and apt hunting in NYC is awful! And the rents are truly exorbitant. I hope the Manchester conference is good, keep me posted!
At 4:06pm on January 26, 2011, Carolyn said…

Ha, sure found ya!!


Wow- you met Christopher Hitchens?!?! Incredible!! He might be at the Iowa atheist gathering in May (I believe), which I'd like to attend, but I can't make it :-( 

At 9:47am on January 25, 2011, Lyra Silvertongue said…
It's a good thing there is no god, because he/she would definitely be fucking with you.

I was wondering why you didn't back up, but thought it would be a painfully obvious thing to point out...Anyway, sorry for judging you, and that made the horror story that much more horrible. I have the crucial stuff backup on two computers and online (through Dropbox).
At 7:46pm on January 24, 2011, Lyra Silvertongue said…
Oh, dissertation...that hurts. I don't even have half of what I need for mine, but the thought of losing my work is unimaginable.
At 6:57pm on January 23, 2011, Lyra Silvertongue said…
Oh, I love computers so much, but I know the frustration. I had a friend who was a huge twit about his Mac computer, and I crashed it within 10 minutes. Great posters - truth is funny.
At 8:06pm on January 22, 2011, Lyra Silvertongue said…
Just stopped by your page and got a big kick out of the "Redundancy" poster.
At 11:59am on January 19, 2011, Paula T. said…
Good luck with the university lab placement! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Every little bit helps. And chemistry?? You're a better person than I.....math, chemistry, anything number related is not by forte. I wish I had the brain for it :/ I hope I've found my calling as a librarian..... to check out your photos on Flickr! :)
At 6:05pm on January 17, 2011, Paula T. said…
Doh! I always proof read before I hit the 'add comment' button! I meant either reading for or ready for my last semester - both applied! Every other semester seemed to take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. but this time it seems like it will fly by. Yeah, I'm a bit nervous about finding something, but I should be able to find a position in either an academic or public library. I'm hoping for an academic position, after years of working towards being a youth services librarian.......time will tell :)

You're looking for work, too?? I wish you lots of good luck and glad to be friends on Facebook now! Love your're a cutie :)
At 5:17pm on January 16, 2011, Devon said…
Hey thanks man. It's quite refreshing discovering this site.
At 7:13am on January 10, 2011, Frankie Dapper said…
I live In Connecticut. The islands was seemingly an unavoidable option.
At 3:14pm on January 8, 2011, Paula T. said…
I'm doing well, Richard! Read for a my last semester in grad school before the fear of finding employment in my field sets in! LOL

Still learning about rational thinking and enjoying the journey. How are you doing?? :)
At 6:55pm on December 28, 2010, Beth L. said…

I hope you had a Happy Hogswatch, as well.


Mostly I read TGD because I figured I should have some logical basis for my atheism.  I tend to prefer finding out what other people think and then deciding if it seems logical and well-supported, rather than starting from scratch myself unless necessary.  It's parasitic, I know, but it's worked for me so far.  Not re-inventing the wheel and all that.  I first came to atheism because after I learned about Zeus, and Thor, and Ra, etc., believing in any god just seemed ludicrous.  So, reading made me an atheist, more so than my own logic.  I figure reading can help me better understand and support my position.


I've been meaning to read more on the subject, just haven't yet.  Some of the concepts in TGD were completely foreign to me.  I especially loved the part about irreducible complexity, I'd never heard that argument...and then I thought...vampires?  Would they count?  Which led to much amusement trying to determine the evolutionary arc of vampires.


At 12:30pm on December 27, 2010, Tim said…
Thanks for the welcome and friend request!
At 6:38pm on December 21, 2010, Beth L. said…

Hi Richard, thanks for friending me.  I see you've done quite a bit of reading on atheism.  I've only read The God Delusion by Dawkins so far, but it introduced me to so many concepts I didn't even know existed.  The local bookstores only have a very scarce selection of atheism titles, which is yet another reason I am so happy to live in a time when we have internet.

At 6:38pm on November 3, 2010, TNT666 said…
On BF Skinner, as soon as I read about him, my pseudoscience detection hairs began to tingle with skepticism but the following excerpt reveals my thoughts exactly: Among Chomsky's criticisms were that Skinner's laboratory work could not be extended to humans, that when it was extended to humans it represented 'scientistic' behavior attempting to emulate science but which was not scientific, that Skinner was not a scientist because he rejected the hypothetico-deductive model of theory testing, that Skinner had no science of behavior, and that Skinner's works were highly conducive to justifying or advancing totalitarianism.
At 4:50am on November 3, 2010, TNT666 said…
I was and remain an atheist by force of intellect and reason alone

Just a little question... Homo sapiens being the only religious animal says to me we are atheists by nature. So how can you say what you say about atheism? Isn't our intellect and the constant search for reasons exactly what has brought about religion in the first place?
At 10:51pm on October 27, 2010, Paula T. said…
Please forgive the delay in replying - I always want to give a reply my undivided attention and my classes have had me frazzled! Forgive me, as well, if I am repeating myself, but my sons (24 & 21) are both atheists, so they knew, more or less, how I felt about religion - it was my parents, boyfriend, & his family I worried about. My boyfriend knows and says my beliefs are a non-issue. His family doesn't know and he is a believer :( My BF and I don't discuss religion or politics lol

My journey has brought me to a point where I do have more confidence in my beliefs and I feel somewhat armed as to how I would respond to someone who asks why I don't believe in god. I still have room to grow there, but all in good time. My older son's minor in college was philosophy and he is now in law school. I really enjoy discussing religion and atheism with him - I'm anxious to complete this semester to have time to sit and talk about these topics, as well as to have time to read a book or two (Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris). My hope is to become comfortable with and have confidence in my feelings and opinions, and to be knowledgeable about other religions, other than catholicism, in order to confidently refute the BS that believers like to use to deny rational thought and fact.

I hope that coming out to your parents isn't a difficult scene for you. I suppose you anticipate a problem since they don't know. My hope is that when you make the decision to talk to them about it, all will go well. Being a mother, I know that I love my sons with all my heart and accept them for who they are. If one of them were gay, it would not change a thing. I sincerely hope the same for you.

Thanks again for the offer to look around your page and I look forward to hearing from you whenever the mood hits :)



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