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At 11:11pm on October 18, 2015, Dyslexic's DOG said…

Goodbye M8!  Miss your comments.

I couldn't believe it when I heard the sad news.

You were always a beautiful person, the kind of person it is sad to see go.

Hope the end was calm and painless.  RIP M8!

At 1:10am on August 13, 2015, Plinius said…

Good bye, Felaine. I learnt from you, we shared what there was. Thanks for your kindness, wit and fun! I'll miss you.

At 8:59pm on August 12, 2015, kathy: ky said…
Good bye friend. I hope your passing was easy. I'm sorry we never met in real life. Peace.
At 7:11am on May 24, 2015, Randall Smith said…

Hi Felaine. I taught in Pomona--Ganesha H.S. some. Ontario had one the first malls in the area.

At 1:41pm on May 20, 2015, Gerald Payne said…

If you check the posts on 'Politics, Economics, and Religion' sk8ycat, you'll find that you've misinterpreted what I meant. I should have made it plainer for an American to understand, there's some subtle differences of interpretation between American and UK English.

At 7:42am on April 2, 2015, Randall Smith said…

Happy to hear Pumpkin is back! What a relief.

At 6:23pm on March 29, 2015, Michael Penn said…

At least you, Joan, and I knew that this person was a troll. I don't think you were the only one to report it, but it shows you're quick thinking. :)

I always love reading your answers to blog posts.

At 10:54pm on March 7, 2015, John Jubinsky said…

I had a feeling you were a pretty decent person.

You hit the nail right on the head. That is, no being perfect in goodness would want to be worshiped. I tried to demonstrate this by developing a logical disproof of the Biblical god concept that defined the worshiping of something as at least acknowledging that it exists. (This was safe because the supposed Biblical god demands that his existence be acknowledged by everybody.) The Science and Rationalists' Association of India published it in its online magazine.

It might ring your bell because you are already on to the very significant idea that nothing perfect in goodness would want to be worshiped. Not even the argument that the supposed Biblical god wants to be worshiped so it can be a better father figure holds water. The disproof is short. It is at the address below if you would like to see it.

At 8:21am on January 25, 2015, Martin DH said…

“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” 

― Aristotle

At 9:55pm on February 8, 2014, kathy: ky said…
To answer your question of wed 'where is everybody' I thinkmmost of us are stranded at home. I'm iced /snowed in so bad l can't get in or out of the drive. Wish I was someplace where the weather would allow me to get out of the house. Hope you are well and mobile.
At 5:22pm on January 25, 2013, Steph S. said…

Hug Attack!!!

Hope you are doing well Felaine.

At 11:18am on December 30, 2012, Steph S. said…

Happy New Year Felaine.

At 10:54am on December 25, 2012, Steph S. said…

Reason's Greetings Felaine!

At 11:54am on December 4, 2012, Steph S. said…

Elaine so glad to hear from you. I wish you the best. I hope the doctor is able to help you out.

Talk to you later.


At 11:53am on December 4, 2012, Steph S. said…

At 4:28pm on November 28, 2012, Steph S. said…

Elaine I was just thinking about you and wondering where you had gone. I was hoping you had a great Turkey day. I hope you got some really wonderful food.

Talk to you soon.


At 9:08pm on November 5, 2012, Steph S. said…
Stopping by Elaine because I read you haven't been feeling good. Just hoping you are feeling better.
You are in my thoughts!
Take care!
At 8:00pm on July 22, 2012, Ivy said…

Well, good ol' Write's parting shot was:

"Write4U commented on your group "Atheist Humor" on Atheist Nexus

Lol, ok.

I have amended the joke to include instructions by the vet to "say a prayer" while administring the "pungent" (gasoline) substance.

\There it has met all your requirements. Now all you need is to develop a sense of humor.

To view the new comment, visit:"

I don't think he didn't get the "irreverence" bit, but since it's only the 2nd time I've suspended someone in the life of the comm, I'm not going to sweat it.  :) And thanks for the add!  :)

At 11:56pm on July 21, 2012, Steph S. said…
I love the picture G put on your page. It's great!
At 4:08am on June 29, 2012, Major G said…



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