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At 8:34am on December 16, 2011, Steph S. said…
Hi! It's all your discussions and postings you have done. You posted a lot to the FFRF group. I really like those Winter Solstice pics at the FFRF you posted! Nice!
At 4:41pm on December 15, 2011, Steph S. said…

Check out your name under the top members -- see it?

At 10:59am on December 15, 2011, Steph S. said…

Congrats on Being #5 top member! Very Cool!

At 10:15am on December 9, 2011, Steph S. said…
Hope you are having a nice day! I always appreciate those collectibles you send me. See you soon!
At 10:23am on November 14, 2011, Steph S. said…

Hi! I miss seeing you online!

How are you doing?

Hope you are doing OK!

Talk to you later!

At 11:19pm on November 5, 2011, Steph S. said…

This kitty does not have a bad hair day!

Hope you are doing well!

At 9:45pm on November 4, 2011, Steph S. said…

Hi! So no "Photoshop bad hair day" huh? That's a good thing!: )

I also got my "Freethought Today"in the mail -- I put it down somewhere and now I need to go and find it. I also received my "American Atheists" magazine too. The magazine cover story is on the cross at Ground Zero.

I wish it would rain here too. There is rain in the forecast for this weekend. Perry will probably say he danced and it rained! Haha

I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend with your beautiful cats.

Talk to you soon!


At 4:48pm on November 4, 2011, Steph S. said…
Hope you are having a nice day!
At 6:31pm on October 28, 2011, Steph S. said…

Happy Halloween!

I hope you have a nice weekend!

Hope to chat with you soon!

At 5:26pm on October 22, 2011, Steph S. said…

Hello sky8eycat! 

Hope your birthday is going well.  Did you get your cupcake?  What did you end up making with your chicken?

We like the same things. I am a huge Star Trek fan!  I really liked the "Shore Leave" episode. Thanks for the link to the Blackburn wiki article. I do remember him as helmsman. I've watched the episodes many times!

I read the Harry Potter books and also watched the movies. I like them both! Have you seen the movies too? 

Hope you have a nice and relaxing birthday! : )

At 5:10pm on October 21, 2011, Steph S. said…

Hey there sk8eycat!  October 22nd -- Happy Birthday to you! : )

I hope you have a fun day planned.

At 9:39pm on October 17, 2011, Steph S. said…

Hi -- thanks for the comment on my webpage.

I sent you something -- it's in your inbox. : )

How's the Pet Press going?

Always love hearing from you!

At 12:00am on October 17, 2011, Steph S. said…
Hi there friend! I hope you are doing well today. Did you have a nice weekend? Talk to you later!
At 9:43am on September 28, 2011, Steph S. said…
Hello!  Enjoyed chatting with you yesterday. : )
At 7:43am on September 25, 2011, Susan Stanko said…
Good.  That is what I was hoping you would say.  I am trying to ignore him to.  Unfortunately, I read him to understand why someone responded the way they did and then it is right back to square one.  I know you will recoup quickly and be back with us soon.
At 9:32pm on September 24, 2011, Susan Stanko said…
Did you actually leave the group (Childless and Godless)?  If you did then know that you are letting the asshole win if you do that.
At 9:32pm on September 22, 2011, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…
Something is wrong with the comment you posted in Hang With Friends. The image of Kennedy's quote from the freedom of religion foundation totally obscures your comment. As moderator I can't fix it. Perhaps you could repost, your text so it's available to us.
At 12:23am on August 7, 2011, annet said…
lol, oops I meant pitbull.
At 12:21am on August 7, 2011, annet said…

Hi sk8eycat,

I'm still getting used to this site.  Should we be in the cat page for this talk?

Your cats sound like fun.  Jerry is indeed sweet, I saw the pic. How long have you had them?   I would not worry too much if your skinny cat seems okay. It must be odd if you don't even know how old he is.  Does he go outside? If he's eating it can't be all bad.  Simba is very skinny and he gets skin problems from time to time and the vet said his temp was kind of low which is not good. For the most part he does great, he still plays with the other cats even, a bit like an older version of your Pumpkin I suspect. Last year he scared a friend's 9 month old pitpubll puppy into submission and the dog actually bowed down to him, it was fantastic and I really regret not having a video of that event.  I will post some fotos of the 3 of them soon.

At 5:44am on August 4, 2011, Loren Miller said…

Greets and like that.  Far as I'm concerned with S/F, there's Heinlein (and Asimov), and then there's EVERYONE ELSE.  Doubtless you've seen my kitties and they are TERRIFIC!  I'm not huge for ballet, but I love Prokofiev's, "Cinderella" and "Romeo & Juliet," and have seen that second one danced - BEAUTIFUL!

Give a shout any ol' time!

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